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Bai Yansong: Xiao Pomegranate can eat, sleep, and play after returning home

I believe that many friends met a child born in the epidemic through Yun Live. His name is Xiao Pomegranate.He was born on February 3rd, but unfortunately, before he was born, his parents confirmed that the patient had a new crown pneumonia, so he was sent to the intensive care unit as soon as he was born.And his parents have to be hospitalized.He was discharged from the hospital until March 12th and reunited with his parents. At that time, he was very good. Netizens across the country carried him, knowing him, chatting with him through the cloud, and he couldn’t understand, but everyone’s loveIt is very, very clear.

Just before the show started, we also contacted his father. As a result, I learned that Xiao Pomegranate is now in good condition. It can eat and sleep, and he is 61 cm tall. He weighs almost 12 pounds.Please rest assured!

But today’s show mentioned that this little pomegranate you are familiar with is not just to pay attention to him, but to pay attention to a group we can’t avoid, that is, the pregnant woman under the epidemic.

How can a maternal infection with new coronary pneumonia?Does the new crown pneumonia spread?What impact will it affect the future growth of children?How should I face a new life born during the epidemic?

In the program on April 2nd, Qiao Jie, an academician of the China Academy of Engineering and Dean of the Third Hospital of Peking University, responded to public concerns.

1. Four morning and four protection are very important

Qiao Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the Third Hospital of Peking University: In international exchanges, a problem that peers are very concerned about is that in this case, how can a maternal maternal not cross -infection in the process of consultation?It can protect yourself.

So I also specifically suggest that they are very important: 1. Four early discovery, early reports, early isolation, early treatment, especially for pregnant women, because her treatment of emergencies requires a series of preparations;The important thing is the four protection, which is the protection of the maternal mother, the protection of her family, and the protection of medical staff. In addition, the protection of the hospital environment is very important.

2. The diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women is one of the fastest adjustments

Qiao Jie: The diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women is one of the fastest adjustments, because the state itself has a better management system for pregnant women, the evaluation of high -risk pregnant women, the evaluation of risks, the attention of the elderly pregnant women, and the danger of the dangerous danger of pregnant womenThere is a series of requirements for the treatment of intensive illness, so the response of this system is relatively fast, and the 50 settlement hospitals in Wuhan are also specified very quickly to treat pregnant women.

3. Will pregnant women have an impact on the fetus after diagnosis?

Qiao Jie: From the current observation, after the mother suffers from new crown pneumonia, she can actually produce IgG antibodies. This antibody can be given to the fetus through the placenta.This antibody, this antibody is a protective, so from the current newborns of delivery, it is generally safer.

A few cases of newborn infection with new crown pneumonia are due to contact infections after family gathering. The disease discovered by pediatricians during the diagnosis and treatment process is relatively mild, so this is also a relatively good aspect.

4. Is there a maternal and baby transmission?

Qiao Jie: This question is particularly concerned by everyone. Whether there is vertical dissemination really directly affects the understanding of the disease and the impact on the newborn.There are also many studies. Although the number of examples is limited, the newborn of the display, especially the newborn of the cesarean section, the nucleic acid examination of the throat in the operating room, and find that the results of the nucleic acid examination are negative.The result of more than 50 cases proves that it is still a better result. The evidence of maternal and infant communication is insufficient.From the current discussion of experts in international and domestic experts, there is no evidence of maternal and infant transmission from the mechanism.Even if there is this possibility, because the mother gives the child a better protective antibody, it is safer for newborns.

5. Most of the maternal mothers diagnosed diagnosis are mostly milder

Qiao Jie: Now pregnant women suffer from new coronary pneumonia. Generally, more than 90%are mild, and a small part is severe, with only about 2%of the critical illness.Judging from the situation of Wuhan’s new crown pneumonia pregnant women, only one case is a non -invasive ventilator. At present, it is also very good after healing. This is relatively relieved.However, there are several patients who are worse after childbirth. Although they are also recovering now, they also remind obstetrics and gynecologists to pay special attention to some changes that patients may occur during childbirth, especially those with basic diseases. This is possible. This is possible.It will affect the worship of mothers, so protection is still the most important. It is not just about new crown pneumonia.

6, mild patients can choose natural delivery naturally

Qiao Jie: During childbirth, pregnant women must work hard, more energy consuming, reducing immunity. At the same time, there is an excessive ventilation in the process of force, which will also have a certain impact on oxygen. In addition, for these severe patients, these severe patients willOnce the problem occurs, the emergency cesarean section occurs, and the corresponding collaborations for multidisciplinary disciplines have greater challenges for the entire process.For the dangerous and severe pregnant women, cesarean section is the safest choice to terminate pregnancy when the plan is better.For most mild infected people, she can still choose to give birth naturally and do more monitoring during natural delivery.

7. Can Xiaomeng activate breastfeeding after returning home?

Qiao Jie: Xiao Pomegranate was very good when he was discharged. Pediatric medical staff gave him a lot of care, especially the nurse gave the little pomegranate -like care.In fact, newborns who are like premature babies, and various diseases may also be in the neonatal ward, not with parents, through the feeding of formula milk powder and the care of medical staff. These children can be healthy.Growing, so don’t worry too much.

After the isolation period, the mother can suck out the milk, so that the stimulus can maintain continuous lactation. When the child goes home, she can continue breastfeeding.

8. There are these suggestions for pregnant women

Qiao Jie: The development of good habits, corresponding to the corresponding infectious diseases, including public hygiene, is particularly important.Always remember to wash your hands and keep it with the corresponding distance; in the entire arrangement of the hospital, including the crowd during the clinic, for example, a doctor and a patient in a clinic are currently stipulated that these are very important.All in all, friends of pregnant women should pay special attention to hygiene habits, strengthen nutrition, and strengthen exercise accordingly to ensure that they have a good physical state, and at the same time have a good hygiene habit.

9. How to ensure the safety of the maternity ward in the face of the epidemic?

Qiao Jie: This is indeed a very severe test.1. We quickly formulated the "three districts and two channels" to separate the patient channels from the channels of the medical staff as much as possible. At the same time, this area distinguishes this area into a clean area, buffer area and pollution area.EssenceFor example, like a negative pressure operating room, there are indeed hospitals, and some hospitals do not. In the future, we need to do this job and try to try to have as more measures and facilities.2. In the case of emergency, we will do some transformation of local conditions. For exampleSome pollution.3. The protection of medical staff is particularly important. We must take the protection measures as well as possible, including masks and protective clothing.

10. Is it a sensible group of children who are new?

Qiao Jie: Judging from the results of the clinical observation currently obtained, children’s relative infection rate is low, and the symptoms are relatively mild, and they are also close to maternal women.

However, it is important to pay attention to the basic diseases, such as immunohistological diseases, low immunohics, and taking immunosuppressants. These are still high -risk groups, and they should pay special attention.

11. Do more work in the future

Qiao Jie: After the epidemic began, the obstetrician made rapid adjustments.Before I from Beijing to Wuhan, we had discussed a series of solutions, including online medical care, including online consultation, APP, including some telephone consultations, etc. Because pregnant women have a series of registrations, diagnosis and treatment systemsThe health care is registered, so it is possible to communicate with the patient correspondingly. This is a place where you can accumulate experience this time.In the future, we will also do more in this regard.

12. What adjustments and changes need to be made after the epidemic test?

Qiao Jie: When a large comprehensive hospital was under the test of the epidemic in Wuhan this time, we have made corresponding transformations. We also have a deeper understanding of public health, prevention of prevention of medicine, and multi -disciplinary collaboration.In the future hospital management, especially non -infectious disease hospitals, comprehensive hospitals, should strengthen the preparation of space in relevant aspects, and the training of medical staff, and medical staff. These are to make some adjustments and responses as soon as possible.

13. How long can I return to Beijing triumphantly after?

Qiao Jie: Get the command of the headquarters, we should return to Beijing in about a week.Overall, from the three hospitals of Peking University combined with a ward to divided into three ward, from 50 beds to 150 beds, we have already treated 316 patients, and then treated the Cabin Hospital.Patients who have been closed at the fixed -point hospital, once again and again.We describe ourselves like a heavy jersey. Until now, we have achieved a staged victory. In the last time, we strive to fight the "annihilation war" on our position.To normal work and life.

Source: CCTV News 1+1

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