Will pregnant mothers infect the new coronal virus affect fetal development?

What should I do after pregnant women, as a special group, infected with new coronal viruses?Will symptoms be more serious than ordinary people?Will it affect fetal development?During the epidemic, how can the hospital ensure the normal consultation and delivery of pregnant women?On December 26, in response to the relevant questions about the maternal maternal infection with the new coronary virus, Song Ying, deputy director of the Preparation and Health Care Department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Kunming, conducted a professional answer.

Q: Is pregnant women more likely to be infected?Will it affect fetal development after infection?

Answer: At present, maternal mothers, like other people who have not been pregnant, have no sensitive pathological changes in the respiratory system of women during pregnancy, and there is no scientific basis for "worse for maternal immunization and more susceptible to infection."Even if you are infected, don’t have psychological burdens. From the existing domestic and foreign research data and related data, maternal mothers have no much impact on their children after infection. Maternal maternal infection does not increase the probability of premature birth, abortion, and fetal malformations.However, after maternal infection, some pregnancy complications may be caused, such as the risk of early eclampsia will rise, and basic diseases such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure may increase. Therefore, maternal women should pay special attention to protection.

Question: How to deal with maternal mothers after infection, and what do you need to pay attention to?

Answer: If the maternal maternal is infected, most of the symptoms are mild, and you don’t have to be too nervous. You can scientifically cope with your symptoms.If you simply fever, soreness, no other symptoms such as dyspnea, bleeding, etc., you can do home isolation treatment.Unexplained pregnant women also need to do personal protection, standardize masks and wash their hands, especially when they contact the eyes, nose and other parts, do well to avoid unnecessary infections.

In terms of medication, medication should be used reasonably according to your own symptoms.If the body temperature reaches more than 38.5 degrees, it is recommended to take oral cooling drugs, such as acetaminol.If the body temperature does not reach more than 38.5 degrees, but with symptoms such as soreness and sore throat, you can use some cooled Chinese medicines, such as cold cold granules, small Chaihu granules, and board bluegen graphics. It is safer for pregnant women.

Q: Can I continue to breastfeed during breastfeeding?

Answer: You can breastfeed.However, the infected mothers must take protective measures during the feeding. First of all, the infected persons should be isolated from the baby, wearing a mask, and the family must also do hand hygiene to avoid transmission to the baby through close contact; second, the mother is in, the mother is in itBefore feeding, wash your hands and disinfect it, and you can also squeeze out your milk and feed it with a bottle.

Question: Since the epidemic occurs, the number of positive pregnant women has increased significantly. How does hospitals take diagnosis and treatment to ensure the safety of mothers?

Answer: The hospital attaches great importance to the diagnosis and treatment services of maternal mothers during the epidemic.At the peak of the epidemic, the three hospitals of the Kunming Maternal and Child Health Hospital opened the diagnosis normally, and the hospital was distinguished for patients in different situations and optimized the process of consultation.In addition, the hospital also carried out emergency plans for medical services to adjust the outpatient area arrangement for the positive, negative, non -determined but symptom.Temporary delivery rooms, and continuously adjust the ward according to the number of positive patients to ensure the normal consultation and childbirth services of maternal mothers.From December 11th to 26th, a total of 376 maternal maternal women were delivered in the Huashan West Road Institute and Chenggong Hospital of Kunming Maternal and Child Health Hospital, of which 151 were positive and none of them were severe.

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