Will it affect the fetus when you are pregnant?Pregnant mothers come in and rises

Can I play mobile phones during pregnancy, can I play computers?Is it good for children, will it affect the development of children?Many pregnant mothers will have such questions. Today, I will tell you whether playing mobile phones and computers during pregnancy will affect pregnant women!

Don’t worry, the radiation of mobile phones and office devices is far from imagined.The company I went to work before was facing the computer from morning to night. So many colleagues gave birth to children and did not hear that there were any problems.What may have radiation may be large TVs and computer displays using cathode ray tube in the 1970s and 1970s. Even at that time, the radiation volume of the TV and computer display was relatively small.The TV is all flat, the LCD display, theoretically, it will not have a significant adverse impact on the fetus. However, it is still necessary to prevent it now. Go to buy a radiation -proof clothes.Playing with the mobile phone computer on the day of the day, radiation is not good for the eyes. In fact, playing mobile phones not only have radiation, but also the following points of harm to summarize it!


If pregnant women often play mobile phones, rely on games or apps in mobile phones, then the amount of activity of pregnant women will be reduced accordingly.If pregnant women want to be healthy, if they want the fetus to be healthy, they will exercise more, and they cannot sit there all the time. Otherwise, this will cause physical discomfort and problems with the fetus.


We all know that staring for a long time, people are prone to fatigue, fatigue, and cannot control emotions.For pregnant women, watching mobile phones for a long time, playing mobile phones is the same. In this way, it will cause pregnant women to cause fatigue, fatigue, and even dizziness, uncomfortable and other symptoms, which directly affects the fetus.


This is the worst, and there are many pregnant women, because improper use of mobile phones, such as walking, or answering the phone call and twisting, causing uncomfortable stomach and causing miscarriage. This situation occurs. Women who are pregnant.Be sure to attach high attention.

Pregnant moms do not need to filter anxiety. The impact of electromagnetic radiation is still in the stage of controversy. There is no clear and affirmative result.Clinically, the results of the checks are subject to the results of the birth.You can do a row of deformed color ultrasound from 22 to 26 weeks. Personally, I think there is no impact.At present, you must pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition. In the middle period, calcium supplementation is required. In the next three months, you cannot live sexually. As long as the health test of the health of the fetus is the best, you still need to check the results.TV, playing computer, you have a radiation protection suit. The problem is not big, but you still need to move around. Do not stay at home every day. This is not good for the fetus, which is not conducive to the normal delivery.Mom is helpful!

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