Will hepatitis B mother be passed on to the baby?

Doctor, can hepatitis B be pregnant?

Patients with hepatitis B can get pregnant normally.First, check the five quantitative quantities of hepatitis B in advance before pregnancy. Hepatitis B virus DNA, biochemical, color Doppler ultrasound and other related examinations.If the virus DNA is normal, the biochemical can be pregnant, and the biochemical and hepatitis B virus DNA will be monitored at 12 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, if the virus DNA is high and the infectious is strong, the mother can treat the mother’s antiviral treatment under the guidance of the infectious doctor.After the child is born, the hepatitis B immunoglobulin and hepatitis B vaccine are injected at the same time, the block rate is more than 90 %.

Can hepatitis B Sanyang be pregnant?Can I feed breast milk?

Women of hepatitis B and Sanyang are normal if they test the liver function and the upper abdomen color Doppler ultrasound, and they can be pregnant.However, you need to go to the hospital or infected department to further test the hepatitis and hepatitis B virus DNA.

If it is 24–28 weeks of pregnancy, the DNA value of hepatitis B virus is relatively high, especially the virus load is greater than 10✖6.Essence

When the baby is born, it needs to be injected in time (within 2 hours) injection of hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin. In this way, it can basically block the baby infected with hepatitis B.After the above treatment, the baby born to the mother of hepatitis B can also breastfeed.

Can my husband be pregnant?

It is completely pregnant, because the chance of vertical transmission of hepatitis B father and infant is very low, and it generally does not affect the baby.However, the woman needs to check the two and a half pair of hepatitis B to see if there is a hepatitis B antibody or a infection.If there is already hepatitis B antibody, there is no impact, and you can prepare for pregnancy.

If the woman has no antibodies, she needs to inject hepatitis B vaccine, and she can prepare normally during the vaccine, and the baby who is pregnant can be required.

If the woman is infected with hepatitis B virus, but the liver function is normal, and the baby generally does not have much effect. After birth, the baby should inject hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin in time.

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