Will drinking astragalus water hurt the kidney for a long time?Doctor: What causes kidney to hurt the kidneys is "4 medicine+4 squares"

In winter, paying attention to nourishing benefits, there are methods of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, nourishing yang, and nourishing yin.Qi is the handsome of blood, promote blood by moving the blood, and then supplement the weakness to help the weak, nourish yin and help the yang.The good medicine and ingredients of qi cannot be used to around the astragalus.

Astragalus "medicine and food is the same source". There are many good recipes and secret recipes for astragalus nourishment. Common are astragalus with angelica, astragalus stewed meat, astragalus plus atractylodes, astragalus Gegen soup, astragalus and wolfberry, etc.The gas supplement is veteran, pillar, multi -faceted, civilian medicine.

Veterans: Astragalus has a history of medicinal medication at least 2300 years.

Taizhu: Astragalus’ surgical industry and specialized attack are "nourishing qi and nourishing qi".Nourish deficiency and pass, Astragalus’s special deputy ".

Multi -faceted hand: A widely circulated sentence is: Astragalus enters the source of spleen biochemistry, nourish qi and lifts the lungs of the lungs.The common people even connected astragalus and health: drink astragalus soup often, prevent disease and health.

Civilian medicine: astragalus uses Shanxi Hunyuan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other places as authentic medicinal materials. The price is low and easy to buy. People can afford it and afford it.

Astragalus is used to use the root of the root, and the spleen and lung meridians are sweet, slightly sweet, and slightly warm. Thanks to the internal and external facilities of their medicinal gas, yin and yang are regulated.Used to soak in water, throw a few pieces in the water cup, and soak a few cups a day.

However, some people say that the use of astragalus will hurt the kidneys. Drink astragalus water often, and slowly finds that the complexion is yellowish, yellow greasy tongue coating, edema of the head, and foaming in urine.Performance.Why does astragalus water hurt the kidneys?

Astragalus has different ways to make and eats.

1. There are 4 ways to make and use astragalus:

Slice the raw astragalus, clear lungs and water, eliminate sores and swelling, solidify the surface to stop sweat; honey burns astragalus, nourish lung deficiency, cure blood weakness; fried astragalus is used to regulate spleen deficiency and abdominal distension;Mid -breathing sinking.Therefore, the astragalus produced by different methods is used for different occasions. It is not only invalid for random use and mistakes, but may have side effects.

2, astragalus nourish qi, there are strengths and weaknesses:

It can help pull up and float upward, and the effect of the skin that cannot be cured by the organs, the dysfunction of the battalion, the dysfunction of the camp, and the cure for a long time of the sores are quickly appeared.However, the qi of astragalus rising is short -term, suddenly up, not long -term, and the qi evacuation will not be congested in time, bringing the problem of qi stagnation, asthma, and long cough.The appearance of qi stagnation is generally overlurred by astragalus, which is a bit like "pulling the kidney root".

3. In the final analysis, some people can use it, and some people cannot use:

There are 5 people who can use astragalus: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, psoriasis, spleen and lung qi deficiency.

There are 5 people who cannot use astragalus: people with syndrome differentials, people with dampness and heat and hot poison, people who are during a cold and fever, women who are pregnant and lactating, and menstrual women.

Some people drink astragalus to lose weight, nourish qi, and nourish the lungs. It is also necessary to identify symptoms, constitution and time, otherwise it will increase the adverse effects., Edema and other issues.

But in general, the medicinal effect of Astragalus has been verified after thousands of years of precipitation. As long as it is not used, the effect is still good.

As for the problems such as "Chinese Medicine injury to the kidneys" and "Chinese medicine to kidney poisoning, kidney decay", which have been criticized in recent years, even some commonly used medicines and net red medicines are also recruited.On the case, there is no toxicity of the drug, or the dose is too large, or the method of taking is wrong. Any medicinal materials have applicable people and are not applicable.

Traditional Chinese medicine hurts the kidney, causes kidney skills, and kidney poisoning is usually more common in plant drugs, but there are many types of animal drugs and minerals, such as 4 categories:

1. Chinese medicine containing alkaloids, protein and glycosides, such as thunderbolt, Beidou root, motherwort, Pamou, Guanzhong, etc.

2. Chinese medicine containing acid, phenol, and volatile oil, such as aristolochic acid, earthen -nepeta, Tianxian vine and so on.

3. Animal Chinese medicine, such as animal medicinal materials, fish gall, cicada, etc. with spots.

4. Mineral Chinese medicines, such as majestic yellow, vermiculite, cinnabar, alum, etc.

Through modern pharmacological analysis, these Chinese medicinal materials have confirmed that there is an ingredient that affects kidney skills and may cause kidney damage.use.

The problem of damage to kidney cannot be separated from 4 aspects:

1. The quantity is not controlled, the amount of quantity causes misuse, the kidneys cannot be excreted, and the drug is too thick and the kidney hurts the kidney.

2. The composition of the kidney cannot be reduced and eliminated. For example, the aristoline medicinal material usually causes irreversible kidney damage.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine has small toxic and large poison, but the compatibility mistakes, and it takes a long time to eat, which has an impact on the liver and kidneys.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine comes with heavy metals, which are easy to deposit, and repeatedly cause damage to glomerus and renal tubes.

The use of traditional Chinese medicines in daily life must be clearly different from the dialectical.

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