Will cats dream?Why do cats dream?What are the cats’ dreaming?

Dreaming is a common thing for people.But is the pet cat that gets along with humans, will it also dream?The answer is yes, and cats have also been confirmed by scientists.

French physiologist Bohil Nov did an interesting experiment to block the "brain bridge" of the cat’s brain, so that the cat dreamed of what he dreams.As a result, when the cat was sleeping after surgery, he suddenly got up and rushed around, as if grabbing mice.Bohir Nov also put two cats who had done surgery together, and the two cats fell asleep.In order to prove that the cat was really dreaming, he also put his mice in front of them.As a result, the two cats were still fighting, and they were indifferent at all.It means that cats can really dream.They fight in their dreams, and at the same time they act according to the scenes in the dream.So where did the scene from the cat dream come from?

The content of cats dream is related to their during the day."I think about the day and dream of night", and it is also applicable to animals.MIT’s neurologist Matthew Wilson conducted an experiment of animal dreaming.He first let the mouse run around in the maze, and recorded the mouse’s brain waves at this time, comparing the brain waves he recorded with the brain waves after the mouse fell asleep.The activity of the "hippocampus" in charge of memory in the brain of the mouse was consistent with the previous records. At the same time, the visual area of the mouse’s brain cortex also showed the same reaction as the mouse at the time of the maze.It shows that the mouse dreams of the scene where the maze running in the daytime.The same mammalian, the condition of the cat will not be too far.Although mammals and birds are mostly dreaming, most of the reptiles do not dream.Why did this cause this?

The reason why cats dream is because it also has neurons.During neurons, cats dream.This is the same as people.They also see some of the scenes that they have experienced in their dreams, and they unconsciously respond when they sleep.But unlike human beings, because human living environment is more complicated, people’s dreams are more complicated, abstract, and illusory.Cats dream more intuitive and simple.We often see the strange posture of cats during sleep: the ears are stretched, the hind legs are straight, the hoe is screaming, and even the sudden bite you and then continue to sleep.These are the performances of the cat dream.

Cat dreams, like people, are also divided into beautiful dreams and nightmares.

The dreams are very good. If you see the sleeping cats drooling, pouting, licking your tongue, rolling coquettish, stepping on milk, etc.It shows that cats are dreaming at this moment.Don’t wake it up at this time.Let it enjoy the beauty of dreams.

If the cat makes a sound, 龇龇, qi and other sounds when he sleeps, the hair of the whole body is erected, his body shakes and twitch, and his head covers his eyes with small paws.At this time, cats may be making nightmares.At this time, you can touch the cat gently and let it wake up naturally.Wait for it to prepare snacks to soothe its emotions.

As a good friend of human beings.Cats also have all kinds of physiological and psychological common to us.They are also happy or sad because of dreams, and they have feelings and temper like people.If you look closely, you will find more interesting things from the cute creature of the Meow Star.

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