Wife is pregnant, what can you do for her

After Tang Si prompts to be a high risk, my entire soul dropped; the doctor gave us two options. The first do amniotic fluid puncture, the accuracy rate was almost 100%, and the accuracy of the second DNA non -invasive gene detection was slightly lower than the puncture.We know that the puncture is risky. Thinking for a moment decide to draw blood to do DNA.

It takes a week to come out in a week. What we can do is to wait. It was 22 weeks at that time.I was not a very patient person, that week was like year.

After the robbery, although the detection took 2300, fortunately, the pass is perfect; the next day is to keep the fetus with peace of mind (now I don’t understand that since the accuracy of Tang sieve is so low, why is the hospital still used?How about it?)

One mobile phone lights, the other takes pictures regularly, click to make a blockbuster

The first time I was my father was very excited, but on the surface, I looked light and light; I couldn’t study the milk powder of different brands in the early pregnancy. I carefully compared the differences between different brands.Folic acid brought it back when I went to Japan before, enough to cope.

I got up at six in the morning and went to the market for a day. I usually prepare some noodles, wheat, eggs, fresh milk and half -root bananas.Lunch, fried horses, snow fish, potatoes, tomatoes, yogurt/fresh milk, oranges, grapes, bananas, west plum juice, cucumber and the like.

Chinese grandma likes her daughter -in -law to have a big fat doll, and she can’t wait to eat fat all night.The result is that the fetus is too large, the dystocia, the worsening the body burden of the mother, and even the damage to the adult’s body, and the root cause.For so many years, there are some countries in Japan, Europe and the United States.So in the diet, I have controlled her diet, and trying to "precise", such as a meal banana, only eat only two points (left me to eat).It must not be too much; it is ideal to control the weight of a baby at about 6 pounds.

During this period, I checked a lot of information and combined with the actual situation to support my actions.I think it is not difficult to cook. It is difficult to get up in the morning and the cold days. It is just a specialty of getting up (the habit of rearing the bed).

The result of hard work is that everything is normal, the fetus is good, weight, and length is within a reasonable range; adult blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, hormones, etc. are normal.

And I am not the same, I lost 5 pounds, and I gave a pair of dark circles, hehe.

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