Why take short -acting contraceptives after artificial abortion?

MISS, 30 years old. Due to the painless artificial abortion of pregnancy, the doctor gave the doctor after the surgery.MISS Zhang put forward his own confusion:

I have finished artificial abortion surgery, and I will not be pregnant for one month after surgery, and I will not get pregnant. Why should I take contraceptives?

As long as I have good contraception and guarantee that I am not pregnant, do I need to take contraceptives?

I heard that contraceptives are hormones, will it be bad for your body after taking it?

I still want a child after half a year. Is it bad for children to develop contraceptives?

Do you have such a question? Today we will briefly understand

Why should we take short -acting contraceptives after abortion

First of all, we need to understand what is artificial flow.

Artificial abortion is to terminate early pregnancy (usually within 3 months of pregnancy).We can compare the uterus to an inverted vase. Under normal circumstances, menstrual blood flows from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom.And sucking or scraping the fetal sac is an effective remedy after contraceptive failure.

However, due to the operation of equipment, it will cause great harm to women’s reproductive health, such as bleeding, menstrual disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical damage, cervical pipe adhesion, infertility, and mental psychological disorders.

After surgery, doctors often tell patients that sexual life and basin baths for a month are not only because the ovaries will be restored for 2 weeks after surgery.There are opportunities, but many girls don’t take it for granted, thinking that they will not get pregnant so soon, and the bleeding after abortion stops in the same room as soon as she stops, but unfortunately "winning".

Because of the above -mentioned harm of artificial abortion, let’s talk about the benefits of taking oral short -acting contraceptives after surgery.

The You Siming mentioned earlier is a type of oral short-acting contraceptives. Others include Mom Fulong, You Siyue, Da Ying-35, etc. The benefits of taking short-acting contraceptives immediately after abortion are as follows:

1. High -efficiency contraception: the probability of accidental pregnancy will be significantly reduced;

2. Promoting post -abortion recovery: Because oral short -acting contraceptives are composed of estrogen hormones, estrogen repair the endometrium and cervical canal mucosa, and progesterone can help form cervical mucus embolism.Poor vaginal bleeding and increasing the thickness of the uterine endometrial after abortion. Generally, menstruation will come after 3-7 days of stopping the drug. It will shorten the time of menstruation, which is also a soothing effect on the patient’s psychology;

3. Reduce postoperative complications: reduce pelvic infection, uterine cavity adhesion, cervical adhesion, and incomplete abortion.

In addition, short -acting contraceptives also have other functions, such as adjusting menstrual cycles, improving skin acne, reducing the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer, etc., here are not detailed.

Finally, there are three other small problems to be solved:

1. Contraceptive pills are hormones, is it harmful to the human body?

Under normal circumstances, the ovarian will secrete estrogen hormone cyclically and acts on the endometrium to form menstruation. The contraceptive pill is a proper estrogen. This "hormone" is not the "hormone".Of course, we will also screen people with contraindications for taking contraceptives.

2. Will it affect the development of the next pregnancy after taking contraceptives?

At present, research has found that oral short -acting contraception and pregnancy after stopping the drug have no clear negative effect on the fetus. Even if the contraceptive pills are taken within 2 weeks of conception, the risk of fetal malformation will not be increased. For details, you can refer to various short -acting contraception.Medicine instructions.

3. How to take the medicine correctly:

(1) Take medicine with warm water.

(2) Start taking medicine on the day of artificial abortion surgery, one day, for 21 days in a row, and then stop the medicine for 3-7 days.Without menstruation, continue to take the second round.In the third month, taking the medicine for three months.

Special emphasis: take the medicine every day at the same time. If you just start taking the medicine or do not develop the habit of taking the medicine on time, you can set the alarm reminder to take the medicine. If the missed medicine occurs, you must take remedial measures under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take the medicine without permission.Intersection

(Liu Manman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Shougang Hospital, Peking University)

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