Why is the test pregnant, but what about bleeding during the first month of pregnancy?

I only had my baby after getting married for more than a year. I remember that I was excited and my husband when I was pregnant with my baby.First of all, I tested the pregnancy stick by myself, and there was a dark -colored bumper. How happy it was. We had our own baby. At that time, the excitement was still remembered.But the excitement hasn’t been the same, and two or three days later, I found that the aunt came again. Yes, it was true.Although the amount of blood is not large, the color is not very red, but the pad must be used.In my concept, when I was pregnant, I didn’t come to my aunt. Why was this, and was nervous and worried that it prompted us to go to the hospital quickly. After seeing the doctor, I knew it was the case.Let’s take a look at what is going on during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers will definitely disperse the original joy when encountering vaginal bleeding, and they are worried about it. In fact, bleeding is not all dangerous signals.Bleeding in the early pregnancy refers to a small amount of blood -based secretions in the vagina within 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the bleeding is pink, red or brown.Early pregnancy bleeding, some people can be produced smoothly, some occur naturally, and some are ectopic pregnancy, and very few are problems such as cervical lesions.

In fact, the fetus is in the mother’s belly, from small to large, this process is long.Before the placenta is fully molded, the embryo bed is not as stable as imagined, so various factors will cause miscarriage. If bleeding occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, the first time you need to consider whether a threatened abortion occurs.Because when the abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall will be separated to varying degrees. At this time, if the blood vessels on the separation surface are ruptured, bleeding will cause bleeding.

Later, I checked a lot of Baidu and found that many Baoma now encountered such early pregnancy bleeding.Let’s take a look at the symptoms of bleeding during pregnancy, and how long the bleeding will stop.

If you are just pregnant, when the fertilized eggs are bed on the women’s uterine wall, there may be mild vaginal bleeding in these days, but it is difficult for you to know at this stage that it is caused by vaginal bleeding caused by pregnancy.Pay attention to the type of bleeding. If you find that the blood flowing out is brown, then the prospective mothers can not worry too much, because the brown blood indicates that the internal bleeding has stopped, so it will be oxidized into brown.Just exercise. Generally, mothers who are in this case do not have to worry, pay attention to rest, do not engage in some excessive physical work work. If possible, you can rest in bed for a while.If the blood is bright red, pay attention to the hospital for examination.

A small amount of bleeding or vaginal bleeding may be a threatened of abortion or ectopic pregnancy. Most of the expectant mothers suspected of having an early abortion phenomenon will have back pain and lower abdomen pain like menstruation.Most of the mothers of most ectopic pregnancy will have severe abdominal pain, pale complexion, accelerated heartbeat, and intra -abdominal hemorrhage.If this happens, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

A small amount of bleeding in the vagina may also be due to vaginal infection or sexually transmitting infection, which will cause the vagina and cervix to be infected and inflamed. The inflammatory tissue will have a small amount of bleeding after receiving cervical coating, vaginal examination, or sexual life.Phenomenon.Similar situations can go to the hospital for examination, and listen to the doctor’s advice after seeing the results of the examination.

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