Why is the pregnant mother’s underwear that is always very humid?If the secretions have these situations, pay special attention to

Pregnancy is a very important thing for pregnant mothers. You must know that many pregnant mothers have suffered a lot on the road to pregnancy, and after learning that they are pregnant, the mood is naturally unspeakable.As soon as you are pregnant, you will pay close attention to a series of changes that have appeared in your body, but although that, there will still be some careless pregnant mothers.Ayue belongs to the type of pregnant mothers of Dazhi Ruoyu. After pregnancy, she has not given up her job. In fact, it is for the subsequent promotion plan. Therefore, after Ayue’s pregnancy, it is difficult to detect some small things.Some of the signals sent by the baby to Ayue can be shielded. Not long ago, when Ayue was working, she suddenly felt that her lower abdomen had an abnormal pain, so she immediately went to the bathroom and found that her underwear was on her underwear.The secretions were mixed with some blood wires, and the amount of bleeding became very large, and Ayue also observed it carefully at the time.After going to the hospital by myself, after I went to the hospital, after the doctor’s examination, the doctor said that it might be because Ayue’s work intensity was too strong. At the same time, this early bleeding was also a manifestation of fertilized eggs.Be sure to take more rest, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Pay special attention to your physical changes.In fact, there are many careless pregnant mothers like Ayue. Sometimes they can’t find some signals transmitted by the baby baby at all, and many times, if the baby is uncomfortable, it may not be painful.In some cases, it is necessary to attract the attention of pregnant mothers. For example, when the underwear has the following secretions, it may be that the baby is asking for help, and the pregnant mother should not be sloppy.

1. Blood wires are mixed in the secretion

Generally speaking, the phenomenon of blood wires in the secretions usually occur in early pregnancy, because bleeding in the early pregnancy may be a manifestation of fertilized eggs in bed, and it is also a phenomenon that the fetus is hidden in the bloody uterine membrane in blood., But here it is recommended that the pregnant mother is better to do a related examination to ensure that the bed occurs inside the uterus, not outside the palace. At the same time, when the pregnant mother finds that she is bleeding and accompanied by severe abdominal pain, it is accompanied by severe abdominal pain., And when the amount of bleeding is large, be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible without delaying time.

2. Increased secretions

During the pregnancy of pregnant mothers, if the vagina secretes milk and abnormal smell, it is similar to protein substances. This situation is actually normal, because the pregnant mother will change during pregnancy, and some of the hormones in the body will change, and some will be mentioned to reaching to reaching to reaching to the body.The blood flow flowing to the vaginal tissue, hormones can also stimulate the production of the secretion, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much. During this period, the pregnant mother only needs to prepare, remember to change the underwear every day, and put on the pad to keep it certain to maintain a certain amountJust dry and comfortable.

3. The secretion is translucent and no smell

Generally, by the third trimester, the vagina of the pregnant mother will have more white vaginal secretions, and when the due date is approaching, at this time, if there are some translucent secretions on the underwear of the pregnant mother, it is most likely that it is very likely that it is very likely that it is very likely that it is very likely that it is very likely that it is very likely that it is very likely to be.The baby is going to report, but the pregnant mother should also pay attention to that this kind of translucent without odor may also be the symptoms of early breakthrough breakthrough. Generally, there will be a large amount of transparent liquid from the amniotic fluid.If this is the case, the pregnant mother should keep a flat position as much as possible and immediately notify the people around them, even if they go to the hospital.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not be negligent in this regard.

In fact, the pregnant mother must pay special attention to these situations of the secretion during pregnancy. Don’t think that it is just a minor situation. It is recommended that the pregnant mother must be the hospital in time if there is an abnormal secretion, so as not to delay it.Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can give birth to a baby in a safe and healthy.

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