Why is it prone to mold vaginitis during pregnancy?The change in hormone levels is blessing or a disaster

There are many problems when women are pregnant. These problems are large and small, not only the problem of baby, but also the problem of pregnant women themselves.Some pregnant women are susceptible to mold when they are pregnant, and this mold is not good. What is the cause of this?

The hormone in the body of pregnant women will change, and the vaginal environment will change.Some people will cause local resistance when they change, which can easily cause vaginal infections. This infection in medicine is also called fungal vaginitis, mainly due to lactobacillus and estrogen and some of some.Trace bacteria do not guarantee balance in vagina.

Women’s estrogen levels in the body when they are pregnant will be relatively high, which can easily increase the content of glycogen in the vaginal mucosal epithelial cells, and the pH value in the vagina will also decrease. After the pH value is reducedThe decrease in immunity is very suitable for the reproduction of mold, so it is also prone to mold vaginitis.

Pregnant women are very likely to infect molds, so pregnant women should pay more attention to personal hygiene when they are pregnant. Only by paying more attention to these problems, will it not be infected with mold and will not damage the body and baby.

After pregnant women are infected with mold during pregnancy, some secretions in the vagina should be checked as pathogen to the hospital. In this way, the results of the detection are the most accurate. Doctors can also accurately treat accurately based on this result.In addition, pregnant women have to pay attention to some usual habits before they are infected. For example, when pregnant, try to reduce sexual life as much as possible.

In addition, pregnant women should also choose vaginal drugs carefully when they are pregnant. In the first three months of pregnancy, some drugs that affect the fetus are prohibited. The use of these drugs is likely to have abortion.The fetal fetal position is unstable, and accidentally let the child fall off.

Pregnant women should also enhance their body nutrition when they are pregnant, eat more nutritious fruits and vegetables, and eat more foods with high protein content.It is also good, and it also has a very good effect on preventing mold.At the same time, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to drink plenty of water, which can not only speed up the intractable digestion of the intestine, but also increase urine. Whether it is to prevent molds or molds, it is very good.

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