Why is it particularly easy to thirst after pregnancy? I always want to drink water?There are 4 reasons

I just called me my girlfriend. Since I am pregnant, I have been thirsty every day. I always take my own water cup.Coincidentally, this is the case when I was pregnant with Dabao. I usually do n’t like to drink water, but I ca n’t do it after pregnancy. I do n’t drink water thirst, and sometimes I have pain. My husband cordially calls me to “bucket”.So why do you become thirsty after pregnancy? Check some information, and combine the situation of yourself and your girlfriends, summarize these reasons.

Gestational diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes are: thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, etc.If the expectant mother often has dry throat and abnormal thirst, she is likely to suffer from gestational diabetes.However, because many pregnant mothers have these symptoms, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish. It is recommended to regularly perform regular blood and urine routine examinations during pregnancy.In daily diet, eat less sugar.It is recommended to eat more foods such as bird’s nest, white fungus, and green plant vegetables.Bird’s nest contains low sugar content, while meeting the daily sugar intake, it can also bring high value nutrition to the mother and fetus.

Due to pregnancy, nausea and other reasons, insufficient moisture

After pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger and the stomach is oppressed, and the pregnant mother will feel nausea and vomiting. In this case, the body’s moisture consumption will increase. If you do not replenish the moisture, you will often feel thirsty.It is recommended that expectant mothers drink more water and eat more light, digestible foods.Bird’s nest is a good choice. Specific mothers get up early and eat some bird’s nest before going to bed, which is very helpful to alleviate physical discomfort.

Disorders in the metabolic system

The baby in the expectant mother’s belly is mainly absorbed by sugar as energy. If the amount of sugar is too small, it will create energy by decomposing fat, which will make the expectant mothers feel thirsty.In addition, during pregnancy, expectant mothers’ metabolism speed will be faster than ever, and sugar metabolism, fat metabolism, protein and moisture metabolism will accelerate. Specific mothers will not only feel thirsty, but also sweat easily.

Increased progesterone secretion

After pregnancy, the amount of progesterone and hormones in women will increase.In addition to maintaining pregnancy, progesterone also has the effect of storage of water and improving the temperature of the mother.Therefore, no matter how moisture is replenished, the amount of progesterone secretion increases, and expectant mothers will feel thirsty.It is also important. After pregnancy, the physical temperature of expectant mothers will generally rise, about 1 degree. At this time, there are a lot of water lost. In order to maintain their body balance, they need to drink plenty of water to solve it.

These are why women generally like to drink water after pregnancy.Drinking more water has a lot of benefits. In order to recover from postpartum and grow healthy growth in the abdomen, it is okay to drink plenty of water.

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