Why is it okay for others to go shopping and climb the building, you have back pain and leg pain when you are pregnant?This is not a pregnant mother

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When it comes to pregnancy, there are no feet to check the gender, but there are many ways to know. Many expectant mothers around them are very interesting. I just started to get pregnant. I told the two of them to see the gender., But many of them are not holding, and the final answer is obtained in a way.There are also some to listen to the "old saying" that the old man said.

What are the most common sayings such as "sour girls" and "pointed men and women", but there is also a saying that there are not many people who know, "pregnant girls are tired of waist, pregnant boys are tired of legs".

And this kind of statement also has its own basis, because the girl’s belly is round, and the waist is full, so the waist is easy to hurt, and the boy is a boy with a sharp belly and a centered.Tired.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for this sentence.

In ancient times, the medical conditions were underdeveloped, and no boys and women could judge. They could only be calculated based on some probability, and this probability was still incomplete statistics, and there were too many uncertain factors.In fact, most of the mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy are boys or girls, and most of them will have problems with backache and leg pain, so this statement cannot be used as a basis for judging boys or girls.

In fact, some expectant mothers do not hurt their legs with their back pain, some expectant mothers have no pain in their legs, and some expectant mothers do not feel tired when they are pregnant.It confirms the water problem of "pregnant girls tired waist, pregnant boy tired legs".

However, some people do not understand the real reason, and they will feel the expectant mothers.Said, "People are going to climb the building when they are pregnant, why do you always have back pain and leg pain?"

If you ask this way, don’t mention more grievances in the expectant mother!Don’t be wronged by the mothers, because this is really not a psychological effect.

Let’s talk about back pain during pregnancy

On the one hand, it is a hormone problem, and on the other hand, it has something to do with the increase in fetal treasure.

During pregnancy, estrogen secretion is very strong, and for the growth and development of fetal treasures, blood circulation will gather in the pelvic area, so that the waist will feel sore.Especially in the middle and third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus increased, and the stomach was falling forward. In order to maintain her own balance, I had to take a backward posture to keep my waist and back maintain a state.The pain of pain will be particularly obvious by the third trimester.

Let’s talk about the problem of leg pain during pregnancy

1. Compress the lower limbs

As the baby’s growth grows, it will affect the blood circulation of the mother’s lower limbs. Therefore, it is normal for the whole person to have edema during pregnancy. Swelling can sometimes make the expectant mothers feel bloated.

2. Increased weight

In addition, the fetal treasure is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight will be applied to the legs and feet below the stomach. If the expectant mother walks for a long time, it will easily feel leg pain.

3. Calcium deficiency

During pregnancy, the demand for calcium increases. If it is not supplemented in time, it is not only painful, but also prone to leg cramps. Sometimes they are awakened by cramps when they sleep.

For these reasons, expectant mothers can get a seat.Of course, the individual differences between people exist, so it will cause the mothers to feel the pain of pain, so specific analysis must be analyzed.

For those one -child, the second child is particularly tired, usually the two reasons below.

① The issue of age and physical strength

When I was young, I was young and my body was strong. Therefore, when I was in a child, I didn’t feel too tired.But at the time of the second child, with the increase of age, physical strength is also declining, and the physical fitness is the same, so when you are pregnant with the second child, you will feel difficult.

② Did you rest after a child?

If you have not raised your body well after the child, you will have a second child again. During your pregnancy, it will be easier to feel tired and strenuous than the first child.

In this analysis, why do some people feel tired at all? Some people always have back pain, and find the reason?

Either you are too fat, or you are calcium deficiency, or you have a vigorous secretion of hormones, or you are physically weak.

1. Don’t let yourself be fat

Some expectant mothers, with the fetal treasure during pregnancy, have a big belly, not only the baby is big, but the fat on her body is getting thicker and thicker.This is undoubtedly a burden on itself.The greater the weight, the more difficult it is to move, and the easier it is to feel tired. Back pain and leg pain will be found in the same way, and it will be more painful in the third trimester.

Can be controlled from three aspects: diet, exercise, and sleep.

√ Pay attention to the diverse types of food

Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, milk, and beans must be intake.

The staple foods such as rice and pasta are carbohydrates. There is no need to take a lot of intake.

The diet paid attention to light, and occasionally indulge in eating junk food once, but do not often.

√ Take a proper walk every day after meals

You do n’t need to exercise vigorously, but you can walk appropriately after dinner, but do not walk too much, otherwise you will also cause back pain. Therefore, expectant mothers should still focus on their own body.

√ Try to sleep early and get up early

Only a good spirit can make a good mood one day, and when the body is detoxified at night, sleep on time, so that the body can get enough rest and energy. It is a combination of work and rest, and one of the ways to make the body healthy.

2. Sleeping and hard -to -moderate hard board bed

Many families are accustomed to sleeping mattresses such as Xi Mengsi. Such mattresses are actually not suitable for their stomachs to get bigger to get expectant mothers.Because the belly is relatively large, the weight of the entire waist and abdomen increases. If you lie in the spring mattress, the waist will not be supported, and it will even sink.Therefore, if the expectant mothers have back pain, it is best to sleep hard and hold a hard board bed to support the waist.

The hard board bed is more suitable for prospective mothers with a large belly than a spring mattress. If necessary, you can lie on the side to relax your waist.

Sleeping in the evening, especially in winter, pay attention to the warmth of the legs, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.

3. You can try to use a pregnant woman’s belly belt

Those who sell for pregnant women with a dedicated belly can help expectant mothers lift their abdomen and reduce the support of the waist and back.But this kind of supplies vary from person to person, and it is not easy to find the one that suits you.

When walking, you can hold your stomach with your hands, which can also relieve some strength.

4. Calcium supplement

The development of the baby requires calcium. It is not an exaggeration to say that the baby is a "bandit". They will absorb nutrients from the mother’s body through the placenta and umbilical cord to meet their growth and development.

Generally, after April pregnancy, the fetal treasure grows rapidly, and expectant mothers are particularly prone to calcium deficiency. Therefore, you must pay attention to the intake of calcium, but you should pay attention to it.A box of milk is best every day.It is also important to expose the sun when the weather is good.At the same time, pay attention to your physical condition, obey your doctor’s opinions if necessary, and see if you need to eat calcium supplements.

5. "husband card" human meat massage instrument

No matter how much pain during pregnancy, as a man, a man’s husband cannot experience it in person, so help your mother massage before going to bed every day.Do not require multiple professional methods, do not need to press acupoints.Give the expectant mother a pot of warm foot washing water, washing their feet, pinching their legs, rubbing their shoulders, and holding their backs. These simple movements are the motivation to "suffer".

Regardless of the childhood and daughter, the mother’s suffering during pregnancy is the same, but after the body gradually adapts, it is also used to it. When the baby is born, she will feel that the body is extremely relaxed.

6. It is best to conceive within the best age of childbearing

Women are generally the best age between 23-30 years. At this stage, the physical functions are still very good, and the physical strength is also good at this time.But it can’t be generalized. A 28 -year -old woman who has never exercised, compared with a 35 -year -old woman who has always exercised, may not be as good as those who insist on exercising at 35 years old.It is the best.

Pregnancy is not an easy thing. I hope that parents and dads care more about the health of the baby!I also care more about my health!

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