Why is it inaccurate during ovulation?What causes it?

In order to successfully conceive during the ovulation period, the following three conditions must be met: First, the male body is normal and can excrete normal sperm. The number of sperm is large and the quality is better. Second, women’s physical condition is normal, and normal eggs, eggs, eggs, eggsIt can be fertilized normally; in the end, the husband and wife occur during ovulation, that is, sexual behavior during ovulation.

Most people believe that couples who have ovulation can be pregnant.not like this.Because pregnancy is a complicated process, affected by many factors, the ovulation period can be stable pregnancy period.In the same room during ovulation, only the possibility of pregnancy is more likely, but it is impossible to imagine that you can hold your child.

So what are the reasons for the same room during ovulation?

1. Mental factors: Many women try to have no fertility after marriage. It may be too psychological pressure and excessive anxiety.Pressure or excessive anxiety may inhibit ovulation, resulting in ovulation failure

2. Vaginal abnormalities: If women suffer from congenital vaginal malformation, vaginal stenosis, hymen atresia, congenital vagina without vagina, and adhesion, these will affect the normal function of the reproductive tract, which will cause male sperm to swim normally, and it cannot be combined with eggs normally.As a result, women have no ovulation and cannot get pregnant.

3. Cervical disease: Cervical lesions include cervical erosion, cervical polyps, cervical hypertrophy, and abnormal cervical mucus.

4. Uterine disease: Many women have caused infertility due to the problems of uterine cavity, endometriosis, uterine dysplasia, and uterine fibroids.

5. Donivation of the fallopian tube: The fallopian tube is the only passage for the delivery of eggs, and it is also the place where sperm and eggs meet.If women’s fallopian tubes are blocked, full of water, adhesion or tubal malformations, and abnormal peristalsis, these will affect normal sperm and female eggs, which is one of the main causes of female infertility.

6. Ovarian factors: Infertility caused by ovarian factors accounts for about 15% -20% of infertility, ovarian dysplasia, premature aging, inflammation, etc. can cause infertility.

7. Pelvic diseases: Pelvic cavity and chronic diseases such as inflammation and infection can cause genital adhesion lesions and dysfunction and affect pregnancy.

8. Highly vaginal environment: Sperm is alkaline, but women’s vagina is acidic.If the ejaculation point ion is far away, then the sperm must pass through the harsh acidic environment of the vagina. Basically, there are few sperm to reach the finish line. Even if there are a few reaches, it is too tired.

9. Endocrine factors: abnormalities and endocrine disorders such as thyroid, adrenal glands, pituitary tumors, etc., causing infertility in irregular menstruation, ovulation disorders, and amenorrhea.

10. sex hormone: abnormal sex hormone levels can cause endometrial dysplasia, ovulation disorders, egg implantation, and other infertility.

11. Immune factors: Including adverse immune reactions such as antibody antibodies, antibody antibodies, and anti -transparent band antibodies. If the immune response will kill sperm or inhibit the combination of sperm and eggs, leading to infertility.

12. Ovulation disorders: Women’s mound brain-pituitary-ovarian axis dysfunction and other problems cause abnormal ovulation and can also cause infertility or abnormal pregnancy.

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