Why is it easy for pregnant women to be deficient in iron?Beware of iron deficiency anemia affects fetal intelligence, how to supplement iron?

Some time ago, a pregnant woman left a message in the background of my WeChat public account and wanted to understand the relevant knowledge of the iron during pregnancy, and I couldn’t give her a word or two to make it clear. Today, I will give you a comprehensive explanation here so that you can give you pregnancy.Mom has a clear understanding and better bred a healthy baby.

During pregnancy, pregnant women often encounter iron deficiency anemia, which is a common anemia during pregnancy.Regardless of whether it is a normal person or a pregnant woman, iron is the most essential trace element of the human body. Iron participates in hemoglobin synthesis. Normal non -pregnancy women, iron trace excretion and compensation to maintain dynamic balance.The quantity gradually increases, so in the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can cause iron deficiency due to the need to increase, absorb poorly or insufficient intake, and cause iron deficiency anemia.

Doctor Yang Ruiqing answered questions: Why did pregnant women become the "severe disaster -stricken areas" for iron deficiency?

① The blood capacity of pregnant women and the number of red blood cells gradually increased.By the stage of pregnancy, the plasma capacity of pregnant women increased by more than 40 %, while the blood cells were mainly generated by only 18 % to 25 % of the generation of red blood cells, resulting in a diluted state of pregnant women and physiological anemia during pregnancy.

② The growth of fetal and placental tissues requires additional iron.It is also necessary to reserve iron for the fetus to meet the needs of an iron for the old baby from January to April after birth, and the iron supply of the fetus on the fetus is the active transport of a counter -concentration gradient., Will continue to supply iron to the fetus, as the fetal needs increase the amount of iron, causing further aggravation of anemia.

③ Insufficient iron reserves before pregnancy.Good iron nutrition in the first trimester is a necessary condition for successful pregnancy. The deficiency of iron before pregnancy can easily lead to the incomplete weight of premature birth and maternal weight during pregnancy.It is recommended that women with iron deficiency or anemia consume more iron -rich foods and supplement iron/vitamin C under the guidance of a doctor. After the iron deficiency or anemia is corrected, they plan to get pregnant.

④ Other dangerous factors: Studies have found that pregnant women have an old age, short fertility interval, and not taking iron -containing folic acid tablets or occasional use, and bad eating habits and iron deficiency are closely linked.The main influencing factors are insufficient iron intake during pregnancy, or the decline in iron utilization caused by unreasonable diet structure.

Treatment principles: Choose the treatment plan according to the degree of iron deficiency and the degree of anemia. Those with lack of iron and mild moderate anemia are mainly oral iron treatment, and improve the diet structure, and eat rich foods rich in iron.Severe anemia oral iron or iron injection is treated, and a small number of concentrated red blood cells can be infused multiple times.After the hemoglobin is restored to normal, the iron agent should be continued for 3 to 6 months or 3 months after delivery.

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What are the symptoms of iron deficiency in pregnant women?

1. When pregnant women are deficient in iron, they have a yellowish or pale complexion.

2. Details of skin hair abnormalities

If pregnant women have a long -term iron deficiency, it is easy to shrink nails, not smooth, dry skin, dry hair, easy to fall off, and easily break off.

3. Physiological anemia

If pregnant women do not supplement enough iron, the physiological anemia of pregnant women will increase, and it will be prone to headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness, tiredness, fatigue, memory loss, acceleration of palpitations, difficulty on concentration, and cold.Severe causes can cause anemia heart disease, and even heart failure, and pregnant women are prone to premature birth, poor tolerance to bleeding, easy shock, low postpartum resistance, and prone to infection.

4. Fascinosis

There are also many pregnant women who do not have any symptoms when iron deficiency, but pregnant women have high words that cause serious anemia. They can feel tired, weak or dizzy. Patients with severe iron deficiency anemia always want to eat some ice, newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers or newspapers.Non -food things such as dirt, this is also called albential disease.

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What is iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy?

There is currently no unified diagnostic standards in clinical examinations. We usually diagnose iron deficiency with a serum iron concentration of less than 30ug/L. The concentration of hemoglobin is less than 110g/L.

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What are the harms of anemia during pregnancy?

Breeding anemia will have recent and long -term impact on mothers, fetuses and neonatal children. It can increase the risk of onset of hypertension during pregnancy, premature fetal membrane, puerperium infection and postpartum depression.Increase the risk of limited fetal growth, fetal hypoxia, decreased amniotic fluid, dead fetal, dead birth, premature birth, neonatal suffocation, neonatal ischemia and hypoxic encephalopathy.Due to iron deficiency, the newborn will cause intelligence and sports ability to be lower than normal children. This impact often grows for 20 years.

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What should pregnant women check iron deficiency?

1. Blood routine test cannot determine whether the iron deficiency is dehydrated

In a large family of anemia, according to the cause of the cause, more than 95%is anemia caused by the demand for iron, the amount of iron absorption, or the loss of iron loss, which is the so -called iron deficiency anemia.Before iron deficiency anemia can be diagnosed, it can usually be divided into three stages.In the first stage, the body’s demand and supply of iron are imbalanced, resulting in exhaustion of iron storage in the body; the second stage: red blood cell iron deficiency in the body, iron deficiency red blood cells produced; third stage, it is diagnosed as iron deficiency anemia and manifested as lack of lack of performance.Low pigment anemia and other abnormalities caused by iron caused by iron.According to the current blood test method -routine blood examination, only the severity of anemia and confirmation of anemia can be screened. The iron deficiency of "invisible hunger" cannot be detected by routine blood tests.

2. Detect whether iron deficiency should check serum iron protein

Is there any better way to help us in time and accurately determine whether our own iron is lacking?That is serum iron protein detection.

The "Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy" formulated by the Chinese Medical Association’s perinatal medical branch pointed out that serum iron protein is a stable glycoprotein, which is not affected by recent iron intake. It can more accurately reflect iron storage.The quantity is the most effective and easiest indicator to evaluate the lack of iron.Pregnant women with hemoglobin disease should also detect serum iron protein.Conditional medical institutions are recommended to detect serum iron protein for all pregnant women.

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How harmful to see this, maybe some pregnant mothers are a little nervous?In fact, do n’t be afraid. Most of the anemia during pregnancy is caused by iron deficiency, as long as we appropriately supplement the iron.Pregnant women start iron for a few months.

After pregnancy, the hemoglobin in the mother’s body will increase by 20%. In addition, the expectant mothers also need to reserve the iron needed 1-4 months after the birth of the fetus. Therefore, the demand for iron will increase accordingly.As a result, anemia has adverse effects on both the mother and the fetus.Usually, the awareness of iron supplement should be strengthened from the third and 4 months of pregnancy.

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How should pregnant women supplement iron to improve iron deficiency during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, due to the development of the fetus, the amount of iron needs to increase the amount of iron. Pay attention to eating and rich foods in the diet. Replenishing iron through food is an effective way to correct iron deficiency anemia for pregnant women. ThereforeCrimize foods that are rich in iron and folic acid.

1. Animal internal organs.The iron content in animals is often higher than the meat of animals, such as pork liver, beef liver, sheep liver, chicken liver, etc., which not only contains high iron content, but also has rich vitamin content.

2. Animal blood.Animal blood is rich in heme iron, and it is easy to be digested and absorbed by expectant mothers. It is often consumed and has a good effect of preventing iron deficiency anemia.However, expectant mothers must pay attention to that when eating animal blood, they must be completely familiar and hygienic.

3. Green fresh vegetables and fruits.Eat green vegetables often, such as spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cabbage, etc., which can not only avoid babies who have developed defects, but also reduce the probability of leukemia, congenital heart disease and other diseases such as leukemia.Although the amount of iron content is not high, the fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron in the food.

4. Black fungus and red dates are also rich in iron. Specific mothers often eat, which can not only prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also nourish the body.

5. Multi -cooking ingredients to cook food

Try to use iron pots and shovels when cooking. These traditional cooking utensils will produce some small fragmented iron chips dissolved in food when cooking, forming soluble iron salt, which can easily absorb iron in the intestine.

Note: During pregnancy, the demand for iron for pregnant women has increased significantly, so it is very easy to occur with iron deficiency anemia. Once iron deficiency anemia is very harmful to pregnant women and fetusesIt is about to start the iron replenishment, until the confinement is over, you must insist on iron.

Diet and iron smoothly

Pregnant women have a great impact on iron deficiency, and diet was adjusted before pregnancy.

Although the fungus shiitake is more iron, absorbing is not as good as meat.

Source of red meat poultry fish, Vitamin C even promotes absorption.

Milk iron is eaten differently, and the liver is not two week.

Common food iron content [mg/(100g edible department)]

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Under what circumstances should we take oral iron?

When iron supplementation, it is necessary to track and check. When serum iron is less than 30ug/L and hemoglobin is greater than 110g/L, you can start oral iron.Add 60mg daily, and may be taken in 2 times. After 8 weeks of treatment, if serum iron protein is less than 20ug/L and hemoglobin is also less than 110g/L, the iron supplementation requires 100-200 mg per day. After 2 weeks of treatment, healing hemoglobin is reviewed and evaluated.The treatment effect, adjust the dose.

When taking an iron, it is best to take orally 1 hour before meals. Together with vitamin C films increase the absorption rate to avoid taking the same time as other drugs, especially with calcium supplementation time. If the gastrointestinal reaction is large, then the gastrointeIt can only be taken after meals, but it will affect the absorption and need to increase the dose appropriately.If you can not resist oral iron and severe anemia, hemoglobin is less than 70g/L, you can inject iron or infusion concentrated red blood cells.After the treatment of hemoglobin to normal, the iron should continue to take 3-6 months.After delivery, you need to take oral iron to 3 months after giving birth.

Doctor Yang Ruiqing Reminder

When Dr. Yang Ruiqing took a consultation, pregnant women often had suspicion of detecting serum iron protein, and felt like a project that was for more charges.Take it, let me have a long time to introduce it for a long time. Today, I comprehensively comprehensively and wrote this art article. I hope that through this more detailed introduction, the pregnant mothers have a correct understanding of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy, which causes it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it, which will cause it to cause it.At high attention, when iron deficiency, make up the iron, your baby will not lose on the starting line!

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