Why is iron deficiency during pregnancy?What diets are needed to adjust?

I believe that many mothers have a certain confusion about iron supplement during pregnancy. Iron elements are important for mothers and babies.In order to ensure the normal oxygen supply of the fetus, the iron element plays a very critical role, and it can also promote the normal development and growth of the fetus and prevent expectant mothers from premature birth.Especially the prospective mothers in the second trimester should pay attention to iron supplementation.

Why is expectant mother prone to anemia?

The baby’s nutrition is mainly from the mother’s, which means that half of the nutrition that the mother consumes will be absorbed by the baby.Therefore, pregnant mothers are easy to lack various nutrients and cause malnutrition.And anemia not only affects the mother’s health, but also more importantly to affect the growth and development of the baby.

Generally mild iron deficiency anemia can make expectant mothers feel tired, and more serious iron deficiency can cause iron deficiency anemia, making expectant mothers’ loss of appetite, irritability, mental deficiency, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus, memory, memory, memoryDecrease and so on.

How much iron does pregnant women need every day?

Nutritionists said that according to the suggestion of nutrient intake, general adults need to take about 15 mg of iron daily, but because the pregnant mummy will have about 300 mg of iron from the mother to the fetus and the placenta during the entire pregnancy course,, Formation of fetal hemotin and storing it to prepare for birth.

Therefore, for pregnant mothers who are pregnant, they need to increase the intake of 30 mg more than the average person daily, that is, it is necessary to eat 45 mg of iron in one day to cope with the needs of themselves and the fetus.

Moms can eat more iron -rich foods during pregnancy.Animal liver, chicken blood, duck blood, meat and fish can be directly combined with the hemoglobin in the human body. Therefore, the biological utilization is relatively high, which is the best source of iron.

Fruits and vegetables can not only supplement iron, but also the vitamin C can also promote the absorption of iron in the intestine.Therefore, while eating rich iron foods, it is best to eat more fruits and vegetables together, and it also has a good iron supplementation effect.

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