Why is blood sugar high in pregnancy? After reading these 4 points, pregnant women: I will never eat and drink anymore

The consequences of blood sugar during pregnancy are actually very serious. First of all, it is not good for the fetus in the abdomen of pregnant women, because excessive sugar points in pregnant women will be passed to the fetus, causing the fetus to be excessive.

Once the fetus is excessive, it is generally too large, which will increase the production difficulty of pregnant women. At the same time, the weight of the fetus is also more compressed when he is born, which can easily lead to difficulty in breathing and distress during the production process.

Since the increase in blood sugar during pregnancy is so serious, pregnant women must pay more attention to the causes of these 4 rises.

The first is that the unreasonable diet of pregnant women will cause blood sugar during pregnancy. Some pregnant women have never taboo in order to make the fetus better.

In order to consume a large amount of high sugar, high -fat foods, the accumulation of sugar in these foods will put pressure on the secretion of insulin in pregnant women.The role of insulin is to balance blood sugar in the body. The stimulation of sugar allows insulin to be insufficient, and the blood sugar of pregnant women cannot be controlled.

Therefore, even if pregnant women are pregnant, they should pay attention to diet structure, eat less and eat, especially eat less sugar.

There is also a relatively older pregnant woman’s pregnancy, which will also lead to high blood sugar during pregnancy.Because once he is over 30 years old, the functions of your body will slowly decline. Therefore, if you encounter any emergencies during pregnancy, you must find a way to resist through your own immunity.

In other words, if the blood glucose is high but the body does not have a way to adjust it in time, it may be transformed into diabetes, and even complications, which will adversely affect the pregnant woman and the fetus.

The family has more attention to pregnant women with diabetes, because such pregnant women carry genes that can induce diabetes, making the incidence of diabetes during pregnancy greater than ordinary pregnant women.

Therefore, such pregnant women must pay special attention to life and eating habits to maintain their physical condition. Otherwise, if you are not careful, the hidden diabetes genes will explode, increase the blood sugar of pregnant women, and even directly transform into diabetes.

In the end, pregnant women need to restrain their dietary intake during pregnancy, because insulin of pregnant women with exceeding standards will be reduced, the vitality of blood sugar will be greatly reduced, and blood sugar in the body cannot be reduced in time, resulting in increased blood sugar content.

In addition, the placenta during pregnancy will also secrete a hormone that can restrain insulin secretion. Under such a dual action, pregnant women with an excessive weight of the weight cannot maintain blood sugar balance at all, which increases the chance of suffering from diabetes during pregnancy.

Therefore, when pregnant women have high blood sugar during pregnancy, they must pay more attention, and do fetal heart monitoring, B -ultrasound, etc., and inform the doctor in time.

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