Why don’t you worry about it?Wild ones are everywhere, what principle

Why don’t you worry about it?What is the principle of wild holes everywhere?

Most of the lobster breeding caves are in July-September. Before that, it was the best time for lobster mating. After the mating, the lobster started a large number of holes.The spawning, including a lot of small shrimp seedlings that are not separated from female shrimp, slowly grow in the cave.So why do you feel more lobster cave in the wild?I personally think that this has a lot to do with the water level; the ditch water level in the field is not very fixed, and sometimes height may be low in a few days. Maybe it will rise again after a few days.

There is a strange principle of lobster holes, that is, lobster likes to hit the hole according to the water level.They are all caves along a little bit above the water level. As long as they drowns the holes, they will run out and beat up. After the water level drops, they will run down again.Therefore, in this regard, the cultivation pond is better than the wild, because we will pay attention to the water level of water level at any time, and there will be no more than the water level high and low. Therefore, the natural lobster holes are relatively small.

Whether it is artificially cultivated crayfish or crayfish growing in the wild, as long as it is suitable for conditions, it will be holes.

Why do crayfish do holes?Mainly reflected in the following three aspects?

1. According to the changes in water temperature, hit the hole at high temperature, inhabit the heat from the hole, hit the holes at low temperature, and enter the hole in the hole.Because crayfish are warmed animals and are also crustacean creatures, its body temperature changes with the temperature of the outside world. When the water temperature reaches more than 30 °, the growth of crayfish will grow slowly. At the same time, it will be beneficial to it.In order to avoid the adverse effects of high temperature on themselves, they will hit the holes, enter the hole to avoid the summer, or inhabit the lush places.In the same way, in low temperature weather, in order to avoid the cold, crayfish will also hit the hole in advance and enter the winter.

2. The breeding characteristics of crayfish determine the crook hug seeds in the lobster hole in the lobster hole.After careful observation, around September, most crayfish have fallen into holes. Even if you want to put ground cages and fish, the effect is not good.

3. When the water quality deteriorates, it is not conducive to the normal growth and reproduction of crayfish, such as hypoxia, excessive water body organic matter, turbidity of water body, large transparency, and great breeding of harmful bacteria.It may run away in water, or it may be cave into the hole to avoid the damage caused by the problem of water quality to itself.Micro -ore life yuan is rich in a variety of trace elements, fish, shrimp, crab aquaculture ¥ 120 Buy

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