Why don’t you want to be in the time when you are pregnant, but you can’t get pregnant?The reason given by the doctor is very careless

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Sister cousin has been busy with his career and never thought about his children this year. When she was young, she had given up one because she was pregnant.Now that you are stable in your career, you are thinking about your child, but you have not been pregnant for almost two years.She was wondering and asked the doctor when she went to the hospital.After the doctor asked the situation, he shook his head and said that this phenomenon is too common now. Many women do not want to be in the case of time, but they can’t be pregnant.After that, she analyzed several reasons with her, and listened to the cousin nodded again and again.

When I was young, my body had a good ovarian function and a high chance of conception, but I often don’t want children at that time.

Doctors told my cousin that women are in their 20s and have good health and ovarian function, which is also suitable for pregnancy.But women of this age are either just married and have not played enough. I don’t want to have children so quickly, or take care of their careers, and feel that having children now affect promotion.So dragged to more than thirty.But thirty -five is the elderly mother, and the ovarian function has decreased a lot, and it is difficult to conceive.

Do not want to be in the middle of the time, it is always wayward abortion, which leads to thinning the endometrium, and "can’t hold" the child

Some women who do not want their children but accidentally get pregnant will give up the child out of helplessness.Some women do not take contraceptive measures after abortion, and can also cause multiple abortion.What are the disadvantages of abortion?The more operations of the surgical equipment, the thinner the endometrium will be scratched.When you really want your child to be stable, the endometrium is so thin that he can’t help ".Some women are "rooted" on the inner wall because the endometrium is too thin, and the embryo is not stable on the inner wall, which can easily lead to a threatened abortion.

It is easy to conceive if you are not nervous. If you are too nervous, you ca n’t do it.

There are such examples around me.Because the second child policy was not released before, a friend did not pay attention to the accident, and could not be killed.Soon the second child policy came down, and the couple re -prepared for the second child, but found that they were not so easy to conceive.

I often see such examples.The couple have been asking for their children for many years, and they can’t conceive all kinds of methods. The doctor announced that she would not be pregnant.After the two of them were completely died about their children, they were unexpectedly conceived the next year.

Why is this?It’s because of mentality.I do n’t want to be psychological burdens when I do n’t want to be pregnant, my mood and body are in a relaxed state, and they are easier to conceive; and those who want to get pregnant, they will take various measures in advance.Whole.As a result, the spirit is too tense, which not only affects the menstrual cycle, but also disrupts the law of ovulation. It is naturally difficult to conceive.

Therefore, it is recommended that female compatriots here, if you are not careful, you must consider it carefully; and women who are preparing for pregnancy can do other things to divert attention and take pregnancy as a daily part.the key of.In this way, you can relax and succeed in pregnancy.


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