Why don’t you get pregnant with ovulation?These tricks teach you to increase the chance of pregnancy during ovulation period

For women during pregnancy, always worrying why they can’t be pregnant. Is it except for the body?Or the husband has a problem. In fact, pregnancy is not as simple as you think. Why not get pregnant with ovulation?In this way, it is not that you can get pregnant in the same room during ovulation.If you want to know what is the cause of infertility during ovulation, first of all, everyone must see what the basic conditions for conception are.

The conditions for conception are:

1. Women must have mature and normal sperm and eggs;

2. Women must have a smooth reproductive trail;

3. Women must have a suitable childbirth environment, with normal uterine cavity and normal uterine endometrium, endometrial changes, suitable for fertilized egg planting;

4. Female infertility must have a suitable ejaculation.

If the above conception conditions cannot be met, even if the ovulation is in the same room, it may not be successful.In addition, if women’s physical factors are not good, they will also cause infusion during ovulation.What are the physical factors that cause female infertility during ovulation?There are several cases:

1. Women’s systemic diseases such as severe malnutrition, or lack of some important nutritional factors in the diet can affect ovarian function and infertility.Chronic diseases and metabolic disease examples such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and adrenal dysfunction can also lead to infertility.

2. Women’s mental factors such as mental tension or overglane can, can affect the lower brain -pituitary -ovarian axis, which affects ovulation and causes infertility.

How can I get pregnant during ovulation period

How can I get pregnant during ovulation?As we all know, the ovulation period is the easiest period of pregnancy, but how to grasp the ovulation period and have a planned pregnancy?Try this!

1. We should learn related gender reproductive knowledge, learn to monitor ovulation, and accurately estimate the ovulation period.Because the life of the egg is short, only 24 hours.The life of sperm can reach more than 72 hours, but the best insemination capacity can only maintain 20 hours.Therefore, if you want to get pregnant, you need to be in the same room during ovulation, so that sperm and eggs can be in the best maturity.

2. In the same room during ovulation, you should adopt a posture of helping to conceive.For example, if the man goes up and down, the woman’s legs are raised and pillows under the hips. After the semen is ejected into the body, the woman keeps her legs raising her posture for about half an hour.

3. It should be noted that the sexual life during pregnancy should be moderate, and too low frequency is not conducive to breeding.In order to give birth, some people usually do not have AA, but the ovulation period is frequent and intimate. This is not only not conducive to pregnancy, but also not conducive to eugenics.Because the frequency of the same room will reduce the number of sperm in the discharged semen and immature development.Therefore, if you want to conceive successfully, the number of sexual life cannot be frequent, it is best to once the next day.However, long -term AA will also cause the sperm maturity to cause the ability to lose binding.Because the sperm is generated, I leave the testicles to the epididymis and temporarily store it.Once the storage time is too long, the vitality of the sperm will decrease or even die.These will directly affect the smooth progress of the fertilization process.

4. Keep a happy and relaxed mood during pregnancy.You want your children to feel more urgent, or the pressure from relatives and friends around you, so that you are often in anxiety and nervousness.Sometimes, even you are not even realized that you are already in such tension.Excessive stress and anxiety of the spirit can cause a series of physiological changes that affect pregnancy such as reduced sperm, ovulation disorders, and fallopian tubes.This problem is even more prominent between husband and wife over 30.

After listening to so many introductions above, I believe that you have more understanding of the problem of pregnancy during ovulation. If you want to have a good pregnancy, let’s see how you can get pregnant during ovulation?Mastering the method, I believe it will be easier.A few days after the ovulation period can be measured that pregnancy is a problem that many people care about. The first 10 days after the same room, the blood checking the blood HCG can be diagnosed with whether to be pregnant.

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