Why don’t the follicles want to get pregnant? Is it possible?Come and see what are the reasons why the follicles are not discharged

When the follicles grow up, it cannot be discharged naturally. It is a type of ovulation disorders. Normal follicle development will be excreted from 18-25mm. If the follicle development is lower or higher than this range, the eggs cannot be discharged normally.The reasons for natural discharge are: endocrine disorders, central nervous factors, hypothalamic brain factors, and polycystic ovary factors. Female friends should not worry. After the follicles grow up, it cannot be cured.For treatment, it is recommended that you go to large formal hospital examination and treatment as soon as possible.Let’s talk about the cases and reasons for the follicles in two cases!

Follicles can be divided into three stages: primitive follicles, growth follicles and mature follicles. Under normal circumstances, women have a mature follicles in the one -month holiday cycle, and only one ovulation after the follicles are naturally broken.

First, it may be due to unstable hormone levels secreted in the body.

Second, it may be inflammation with ovarian, blocking the normal discharge of follicles.

Third, when women are suffering from endocrine disorders, such as hyperthyroidism, it can also cause follicles to mature and not discharge.

When a woman needs to go to the hospital for a gynecological B -ultrasound and sex hormone examination.Due to hormone level disorders, ovulation is required to be treated with ovulation drugs such as Cromifen, urine pillin and other ovulation treatment.If necessary, you can pierce the follicles by surgery so that you can get pregnant after the eggs are discharged.When the follicles are mature, they cannot be discharged. Even if there is a sexual life, there is no egg and sperm binding, so pregnancy cannot be pregnant.

The main reason is that follicle development is not good and does not use ovulation. Most of them have a bad functional state of the ovarian itself. Most of them are congenital, and other may have something to do with endocrine abnormalities, such as hypothyroidism or other endocrine.Anomalous and so on.It is recommended that you pay attention to rest and test blood to see the thyroid function. If there is no problem, hormone cycle treatment and ovulation treatment can be treated.

Common women’s infertility polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause follicles dense, but follicles cannot be ruptured, resulting in eggs cannot be discharged, which causes women to infertility.

The first time is the central endocrine disorders

Ovulation is a complicated process of completing the synergy of multiple hormones.When the central endocrine disorders can directly affect the growth and development of follicles and the occurrence of ovulation, some studies have shown that the ovulation process is stimulated by the peak secretion of LH/FSH.However, some research reports that LUFS has nothing to do with LH levels.There are also research reports that the role of LH was caused by the decrease of the LH receptor in LH.

Secondly, the spiritual factors related to their own

Some people think that it is related to mental and psychological factors. Long -term infertile women are in a state of tension and continuous stress, causing the high peak in the blood level in the blood to affect ovulation.

Then there is hyper PRL blood disease

The PRL affects the release of hormones to release hormones, which reduces the blood LH.PRL can change E2’s positive feedback regulatory effect.In addition, PRL can inhibit ovarian secretion E2 and P, and reduce the response of ovarian to GNRH, so that ovulation cannot occur.

Enzymes or lack of kinase or defect or prostaglandin deficiency

The occurrence of enzymes is also the result of the effect of LH and FSH. The lack of LH affects the increase in CAMP, so that the activity of the fibrin and lysomylassemids in the ovaries is low, which can reduce the original activity of the fibroblasts on ovulation before ovulation, affect the fiberThe solubility of protein and the role of the filter wall itself.Protein solurase also plays an effect on follicular rupture. When these enzymes are lacking, they will inhibit the ovulation of follicles.

Finally, the role of long -term drugs and other external factors

During the ovulation or ovulation cycle of drugs, the incidence of this syndrome is significantly higher than the natural cycle, indicating that the degree of development and maturity of follicles during ovulation promotion is not exactly the same as the natural cycle.For example, Klrum phenol (CC) can significantly increase this syndrome. It is believed that drugs such as CC can cause ovarian matrix and follicular luteinization.

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