Why don’t health experts let you drink milk?Should I drink it?Which one is better?

Chinese people drinking milk is not only available in modern times. In ancient times, they started to drink. The nearest dynasty was separated. The emperor and queen of the Qing Dynasty were equipped with 100 cows. They had to drink every day.Head, Ping Fei four heads, noble people have only two dairy cows.

Of course, this is the habit of the Manchu people. At that time, the Han people also drank it, but they were relatively small. Ordinary people must not afford it.

At that time, the cow and the current cows were not a species at all. At that time, the cows were naturally pregnant and naturally produced.

Today’s dairy cows are new types of dairy cows after scientific and technological intervention. They have a larger milk production, and most of them are not naturally giving birth to milk, but use technology to stimulate and maintain it.

So some people now say that this milk is drinking the Mavericks, and the Mavericks can’t stand it, so the previous milk and the current milk are still not small in essence.

The milk we see daily is about 4 types, fresh milk, pure milk and yogurt, and one is flavored milk.

Fresh milk is directly filled after Para -Pharise sterilization treatment. Because the Basal sterilization temperature is relatively low, the nutrition of this kind of milk is more nutritious, but there will be a flavor, and the shelf life is very short, about five days, about five days, about five days, about five days.Therefore, fresh milk first picks people’s taste, followed by more expensive.

Pure milk is canned after being disinfected by ultra -high temperature. Because the temperature is very high, the nutrition is lost a lot, but after some technological adjustments, the taste will be more accepted, and the preservation time is longer.Fresh milk is much cheaper.

For businessmen, pure milk is more beneficial to them, easy to save, and transport.

The real yogurt is completely fermented with milk, so the taste is relatively large, and it is also more humane.

Flame milk is a milk drink with milk and various additives. This milk taste is very good and accepts very high, but the nutritional value is not comparable to pure milk, and it cannot be compared with fresh milk.

Having said so much, it is not that everyone is encouraged to drink milk. Can you drink it after drinking?

Many health experts say that milk can’t drink milk, and there are many health experts that milk is very good to drink. In fact, normal, it can be eaten by what you can eat. It depends on how much you eat.No appropriate amount.

In short, you can choose to drink or not drink according to your preferences, or what kind of milk.

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