Why does the skin itch after pregnancy?Dermatologist: or related to these 3 points

Women after pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, have a lot of situations that do not have before pregnancy.In terms of skin, some pregnant women will have the trouble of getting oily and acne, while others find that they are extremely itchy after pregnancy. What is going on?What should pregnant women’s skin itching?Professor Zhang Jianping, chief physician of the obstetrics of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, had previously interviewed the reasons and countermeasures of the skin of pregnant women.

Reasons for itching of pregnant women: Itchy folliculitis in pregnant women

After women are pregnant, due to the large endocrine fluctuations, a series of changes will occur in the skin of pregnant women, especially in the summer, due to the strong metabolism of pregnant women, and the temperature is much higher, if they are not cleaned, it may cause itching of pregnancy.The emergence of folliculitis.

Most pregnant women’s folliculitis appears in the early stages of pregnancy. Women will have follicular pimples in the abdomen. This disease generally does not have a significant impact on the fetus and can heal it after giving birth.If it is really itchy, you can use stove -glyphosate washing agents (commonly known as cymbal water). In addition, some antibacterial ointments such as chlinomycin and erythromycin can be used.

In order to prevent pregnant women’s folliculitis, pregnant women should avoid eating too sweet and too greasy foods, and pay special attention to the cleaning and hygiene of the skin.

Reasons for itching of pregnant women 2: Eczema for pregnant women

Pregnant women’s eczema mainly manifested as red pimples on the arms and legs. If scratching, liquid exudation on the skin, sticky and wet.This usually occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, the cause may be caused by changes in the endocrine of pregnant women and the stimulation of external allergies.

Eczema of pregnant women does not cause harm to the fetus. If pregnant women want to improve this situation, they can first treat local symptomatic treatment. If not, they can perform intravenously.the goal of.

Reasons for itching of pregnant women 3: pregnancy itching symptoms

This disease, also known as "pregnancy liver stasis", is more common in the third trimester of pregnancy in pregnant women.And external stimulus has nothing to do.

Patients with pruritus of pregnancy will not have pimples or erythema, but they often have extremely itching, and they are also accompanied by jaundice.

Although itching of pregnancy is also accompanied by self -healing, the disease is quite harmful to the fetus.It can cause placental hypoxia and cause premature birth and death.

If there is no primary skin lesion but itching is extremely itchy, it is usually necessary to determine whether it is suffering from this disease by detecting serum bilirubin and total bile acid indicators. If the patient needs to reduce the total bile acid as soon as possible, otherwise it will be serious. Otherwise, it will be serious.Can cause fetal death.

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