Why does the "aunt" stop?Where did my aunt go?Those who are a mother must know

In fact, as female friends, we should know that every month we have a visit to a big aunt, right?But do you know how your aunt came?Auntie is actually the blood formed by the endometrium.In fact, the human body is very magical. The endometrium falling off is actually just sorting the bed for your child.Dear young mothers, do you know why, after you are pregnant, will your aunt stop?Where did the aunt go?do you know?Let’s discuss this issue today!

We all know that the origin of the aunt is formed by the endometrium of the uterine, but if you are pregnant, the embryo will fall on the uterus, that is, the endometrium of the uterine can not fall off.

To put it simply, when you have a child, you must give her a home in the stomach, right?So the aunt will not continue to fall off and become another new home for the child!At the same time, it provides a better growth environment for the child, so that the fetus can stay in the uterus to stay in peace and stay steadily for 10 months, waiting for the cocoon breaks out of these ten months!This is a scene that many mothers want to see!

We all know that female friends without pregnancy, even if her chest is very plump, there is no milk.Once she is pregnant, there will be milk flowing out. In fact, many female friends are very puzzled by this problem. Why will there be milk when she is pregnant?This is because of the stimulus of hormones. When you are pregnant, you do n’t have a big aunt. At this time, hormones will stimulate your thymus cells, make your chest fuller, and stimulate your breasts to make you milk.This is why the aunt’s whereabouts after pregnancy.

We all know that the human body has a lot of organs, but what is controlling the movement of these organs?Here I want to tell you that you are hormones. When you have children, the hormones that stimulate your aunt will be gone. It has become a hormone that stimulates amniotic fluid secretion.Have you found it?

When you are pregnant, there are some amniotic fluid in your belly?Such amniotic fluid is conducive to the growth of children. The amniotic fluid contains some protein and vitamins. Your child provides enough nutrients to allow children to grow in the stomach!So this is why the aunt stopped after pregnancy, and the whereabouts of the aunt.

After reading this article, did you solve the doubts in the hearts of young pregnant women?

I am a mother -in -law of Nimo, and my mother of a 4 -year -old baby. In the process of raising and educating my children, I can ask me if I encounter any questions. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing the baby., Let our children grow better!

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