Why does pregnant women have tinnitus on one side?How to prevent it?

Female friends are more common during this special period of pregnancy during this special period.

If the tinnitus is relatively mild, it will not cause much trouble to the majority of female friends, so don’t worry too much.But if the situation is relatively serious, then treatment should be received as soon as possible.While treatment, you should also pay more attention to diet, so as to make your body recover healthily faster.First of all, we know why the tinnitus on one side of the pregnant woman?

The reason why pregnant women will have tinnitus in one side is that the more common reasons in clinical practice are because female friends are pregnant when they are pregnant.

Therefore, it is easy to cause the mucosa to swell.In addition to tinnitus, some female patient friends will also have allergies in their noses, and sometimes they will have a stuffy nose. This situation is very common.In general, after female friends give birth, these symptoms will be improved accordingly.However, there are many reasons for tinnitus on the side of the pregnant woman, so if the symptoms are really serious, it is better to go to the otolaryngology department for a professional examination.

It is found clinically that after pregnancy, the endocrine level in the body is much higher than before pregnancy, and after the hormone is elevated to a certain extent, it will cause the inner ear sodium metabolism to be disordered, and thenIt leads to tinnitus.Some female friends have not paid more attention to their diet after pregnancy, which causes themselves to have anemia, which will cause red blood cells in the body to reduce much.Oxygen, so it is easy to produce bad symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, limb weakness, etc.In addition, the blood volume of pregnant women has been increasing, so it will cause the blood pressure fluctuation range of pregnant women to fluctuate widely, which can easily lead to tinnitus on one side.If everyone finds that their tinnitus is obvious and continues, then they should go to the hospital for examination and try to take drugs with relatively small side effects, so as to avoid harm to the fetus.

Develop the habit of drinking milk: Milk contains very comprehensive vitamin species, and sufficient carotene, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of pregnant women.Foods that often eat blood circulation: blood circulation can expand blood vessels, increase blood viscosity, help maintain the normal microcirculation of small blood vessels in the ear, and often eat black fungus, leek, etc.Eat more zinc -containing food: Zinc deficiency is an important cause of tinnitus.The zinc content in the cochlea is much higher than other organs.If the zinc content in the body is reduced, the cochlea is lost and the hearing will be reduced.Multiple replenishment of iron: Iron is an important participant for red blood cells to transport oxygen. Insufficient ear nutrition supply will damage the function of the hearing cells and cause hearing to reduce it.Iron supplementation can effectively prevent the occurrence of tinnitus in pregnant women.Reduce fat intake: Excessive intake of fat foods will increase blood lipids, cause blood viscosity, cause arteriosclerosis, and cause tinnitus.Pregnant women should eat more animal -based, fat, cream, egg yolk, caviar, fried food and other high -fat foods.

There are many reasons that cause tinnitus on one side of the pregnant woman, but they usually belong to normal physiological phenomena.As long as the situation of tinnitus does not affect the daily life of expectant mothers, don’t worry too much.However, if you are really afraid of any serious problems, you can also go to a regular hospital with the help of a doctor for a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, which will make yourself more at ease.

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