Why does laughter leak?Women can not ignore urine, and it is more effective to improve

When it comes to "urinary incontinence", we usually think of the elderly who are in bed and rest. In fact, this problem is really not the patent of the elderly. Many female friends may be troubled by the state of "urinary incontinence".Or it will happen to such embarrassing things when laughing or sneezing. Do you have such troubles?Does urinary incontinence need to be treated?

From a medical perspective, under normal circumstances, our body metabolizes excess water through the kidneys, and the kidneys are further treated with metabolism. The metabolites are stored in the bladder. When the urine in the bladder reaches a certain amount of storage, the body will cause urination to urinateReflex, and finally discharged urine through the bladder urethra.However, if the body’s nerve reflex appears abnormal or the bladder sphincter is damaged, it is difficult for the body to receive the signal of urination, and it is easy to occur in urinary incontinence.

In the strict sense of urinary incontinence, it does not belong to the category of the disease, and it can be divided into adverse symptoms that appear as abnormal in the body.In many cases, urinary incontinence may be caused, such as:

1. Stress on the abdomen

The incontinence of urine incontinence in the abdomen is also a relatively common way. Imagine that you have obvious urine at this moment. At this time, others may be able to control urination.Being a belly is the external pressure of the abdomen.Cough, sneezing, squatting and other behaviors will cause the abdomen to withstand internal pressure, and then leakage.Especially when pregnant or after production, there will be relatively more urinary incontinence, and even an embarrassing moment of urine leakage when going up and down.

2. Neuroscular or cyst inflammation in the body

Some people have a leakage phenomenon that after the urine is coming, urination is not controlled by the body, and there may be symptoms such as frequent urination and urgency. In this case, the urinary incontinence that occurs is mostly abnormal in the nerve system or inflammation of the bladder., Resulting in urination without controlling the body.

3. Covering urethra

Some people may have problems with urethra and block the discharge of urine, but when the urine in the bladder reaches the saturation amount, the urethra will also be under pressure from the bladder, forcing the urine to discharge. At this time, the urination behavior is not subject to the body.controlling.However, once the symptoms of urinary incontinence occur in such situations, it is best to seek medical treatment in time to check urethral health problems.

The negative impact of urinary incontinence -don’t be ashamed to seek medical treatment due to embarrassment

If you are also troubled by the problem of leaking urine, it is best not to relax your vigilance, and don’t be afraid to seek medical treatment in time. If you continue to develop in time, you cannot give treatment in time. It is likely to cause a series of problems.For example, the condition of women’s skin is long for a long time near the vagina, and it is also prone to infected by bacterial virus, inducing gynecological inflammation or skin diseases.

In addition to affecting physical health, inadvertent leakage behaviors will also affect normal life and social interaction. For example, when you are working, an embarrassing incident is full of emotions.Volatility, and even normal life interaction will change.

How to get rid of the trouble of urinary incontinence?

Severe urinary incontinence people can choose to seek medical treatment in time, and diagnose according to the uniqueness of their own diseases. They can choose two methods: drug treatment or surgical treatment.In severe cases, it is generally difficult to heal by themselves, and it is only serious about the problem.

If it is a relatively light symptom, some exercise methods can be appropriately increased, such as pelvic floor muscle contraction training, and commonly interrupted when anal bifice or urination.Bladder training can also be performed. By recording the number of urination, adjusting the urination time. When urination, you can also do some action of contraction muscles to exercise the normal operation ability of the bladder.

In addition to the above reasonable treatment methods, if you want to get rid of the troubles of leakage, pay more attention to these small habits in your life:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene and prevent inflammation;

2. Maintain healthy weight, especially postpartum women should pay attention to controlling weight, do more anal lifting exercises, and restraint;

3. Eat less irritating food, smoke and drink less, reduce the irritation and pressure on kidneys and bladder;

4. Eat a light and easy -to -digest diet to reduce abdominal digestion pressure;

5. Increase daily exercise exercise, so that the body is in a dynamic balance, and can also prevent urethral diseases;

6. Actively improve autoimmunity;

7. Don’t urinate.

In the end, we must also tell everyone to find that your body is abnormal. It is best to seek medical examination in time. Even if you have physical symptoms like leakage, you must bravely receive treatment. The embarrassing psychology and physical health are not so important.

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