Why do you love to sleep?Is it good or bad?

A few days ago, my girlfriend called Qiqi to complain to me, saying that I did n’t know what happened recently, and I especially love to be sleepy. When I was at work, I had been criticized by the leader twice because of sleeping. I ca n’t help it.Qi Qi has been pregnant for almost four months. In fact, from her pregnancy to the present, our sisters have also been helpless by this sleeping "dozed insect". When you plan to ask her to come out on the weekend, you will hit it.It is always "I’m sleeping, what are you doing …?" I do n’t know, how can she be so tired?

I believe that there are also a lot of problems that Baoma encounters the same problem as Qiqi. After pregnancy, I feel sleepy everywhere. So, is this good?Why do you fall asleep?

1. Affected by hormones in the body

After pregnancy, there will be a lot of changes in the body of the pregnant woman, and the changes in hormones in the body are also one of them. The increase and decrease of hormones will have a certain impact on sleep. For exampleAffect sleep.

2. Accelerate body metabolism

Due to the special influence after pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate of pregnant women will be 25%higher than normal people, so it will produce more heat, and the body temperature will be 0.2-0.5 ° C higher than normal people.The basic metabolism of pregnant mothers will be faster than others, so there will be more calories consumed in the body, which may cause insufficient blood sugar in the human body. In this case, people are prone to listlessness and sleep.

3. The influence of luteum hormones

After pregnancy, the body of a pregnant woman will secrete an element called luteum hormone, and this element can protect the baby that can well protect the abortion. At the same time, it also has a certain anesthesia effect, it is easy to be easyIt makes people feel tired.

4. The effect of rising weight

With the increase of the pregnancy weeks, the number of pregnant mothers has also changed, and the increase in weight will also cause pressure to the uterus. At this time, it will affect the amount of blood output in the heart. Therefore, pregnant women will feel more tired.

5. The influence of mood

After pregnancy, whether it is physical or psychologically, pregnant women will change to a certain amount, and the emotional emotions of irritability or anxiety will also reduce the quality of the sleeping woman’s sleep, which is also a cause of drowsiness.

What should I do if my pregnant mother loves to sleep?

1. Increase a nap

At noon, you can add a nap, but the lunch break cannot be too long. It is best to stay between half an hour and one hour.

2. Don’t have bad habits

Many Baoma likes to stay up late, and if you sleep late at night, it is easy to be trapped the next day, so the regular schedule is necessary. If you rest, you should rest, so that the quality of sleep will be improved.

3. Add small exercise before going to bed

During this time before eating, the moderate amount of exercise is necessary. It can not only digest the food in the stomach, and exercise can also help physical and mental health.

4. Small tricks in food

Eat more vitamin -rich foods, drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed, and the refreshing drinks are not available or coffee.It is normal to fall asleep during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about it. Arrange the schedule reasonably, and regular sleep helps physical and mental health.

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