Why do you have hemorrhoids as soon as you get pregnant, because you didn’t learn this!

For hemorrhoids, people are not unfamiliar. Due to the different physiological anatomical structure, the incidence of hemorrhoids of men is often higher than women, but women have a high incidence of hemorrhoids in a special period, which is a pregnancy period.

During the pregnancy, the venous pressure of women also decreased, and with the increase of the pregnancy weeks, the increasing uterine compression of pelvic blood vessels and nerves gradually increased, causing blood circulation disorders in the lower abdomen, genitals, and rectal intestines.In poor circulation, the blood cannot return to the heart smoothly, causing pelvic organs and blood vessel congestion. If the vein of the lower section of the rectum or around the anus, it will cause hemorrhoids.

In addition, many women lack exercise during pregnancy, slow gastrointestinal functional peristalsis, prone to constipation, increased abdominal pressure, and induced the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

1. Reasonable diet

Pregnant women should eat lightly as much as possible to avoid eating spicy foods such as pepper, pepper, ginger, pepper, garlic and other heavy flavored foods. Because spicy foods are easy to stimulate blood vessels around the rectum and anus, causing excessive expansion of blood vessels or induced or aggravated hemorrhoids.

Increasing moisture intake and drinking more water in pregnant women can promote gastrointestinal motility, soften stools, and reduce constipation.

Reduce the intake of food that is not easy to digest, and increase the intake rich in cellulose foods (vegetables and fruits), such as apples, pears, fungus, spinach, and so on.Such foods can also promote gastrointestinal motility, soften stools, reduce constipation, and reduce internal abdominal pressure.At the same time, it is usually appropriate to eat foods that lubricate intestines, such as honey (poor effects can try to drink sesame oil on an empty stomach) to promote bowel movements.

2. Appropriate exercise

Most of the pregnant women are more cautious, and they dare not have a big movement throughout pregnancy. In fact, the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy is more conducive to the health of maternal and infants, especially the topic we discuss this time.

Specifications are conducive to gastrointestinal motility, and you can take a walk in early pregnancy, and you can carry out activities that are larger than early pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy, such as gymnastics of pregnant women and yoga in pregnant women.Although exercise should be exercised for 30 minutes a day, for women in the late pregnancy, pay attention to the heart rate of not more than 140 times/min during exercise, and the time should not be too long.

At the same time, there are some local movements to prevent hemorrhoids, such as shrinking anal movements, clamping the thighs and hips, and inhaling — shrinking anus-exhale — relaxation of the anus.In addition, after the stool, massage the anus with a hot towel, and perform a 15 -minute clockwise and counterclockwise to promote local blood circulation.

3. Good hygiene habits

The habit of developing regular bowel movements is the key to preventing constipation and hemorrhoids. Regardless of whether there is any convenience, insist on defecation on time every morning or after breakfast, but not to squat too long, but increase the venous congestion around the rectal and anus.If constipation is severe, you can use Kaisylu and other aids under the guidance of a doctor to avoid the use of laxatives as much as possible, which may cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and even cause abortion and premature birth.

Try to avoid sitting for a long time, it may prevent the pelvic blood circulation, cause congestion around the rectum and anus, and cause hemorrhoids. Therefore, pregnant mothers should usually move around.

4. Keep a good mentality

Tension and anxiety will also affect the defecation and cause hemorrhoids. Therefore, pregnant women should communicate with friends and relatives around them, timely guide bad emotions, maintain a good mentality, and regular production inspection.

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