Why do you have a stinging pain after the same room, like a needle?Is this a manifestation of cancer?

Yesterday in my clinic, a vibrato patient came to see a clinic, saying that she always had urination tingling after she was in the same room?What’s happening here?Do you have cancer?

It turned out that this girl and her long -awaited boyfriend had a long time after the same room. After a few consecutive days of urination, she couldn’t hold urine and needed to go to the toilet often.Then, then

Under several tossing, she thought about whether she was infected with urinary tract.You know, the pain of urinary tract infection is comparable to punishment …

But in fact, urinary tract infection is a very common urinary system disease.

And due to physiological structure and other reasons, urinary tract infections are the most common among women’s groups. About 60%of women in their lives will be infected at least once in their lives, of which 20%to 40%may recur again.

Although it is common, don’t look down on it. In severe cases, it may induce systemic inflammatory response and even endanger life.

Therefore, if there are sisters in these situations: frequent urination, urgency, endless urination, burning sensation in the urethra, pain and itching, the perineal swelling, low back pain, abdominal pain, accompanied by hematuria, fever symptoms … That may be it may beThe urinary tract is infected!

There are many causes of female urinary infections. Common pathogens include gonorrhea, chlamydia, germ mycoplasma, antibroma, vaginal trichomoniasis, and multiple pathogenic infections.

1. Gonorrhea

When infected with gonorrhea, Naaceri also allows itching symptoms and is accompanied by burning sensation, especially when urinating, there will be tingling sensation, and rashes or red bumps may also occur in private parts.

The main symptoms are urethritis, which are swollen, pus, stinging, and burning sensation.Difficult urination, more urinating times.If not treated in time, it can be converted into chronic urethritis.

Female gonorrhea patients are manifested as cervicitis, purulent secretions in vaginal mouth, redness and swelling of the vagina, congestion and tingling sensation, and other symptoms are not obvious.

If the partner does not investigate and treat it, it is easy to infected again.

Second, chlamydia chlamydia

Chlamydia infection of the sandylona can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases, ectopic pregnancy, infertility and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, which seriously affects women’s reproductive health.

In order to minimize the dissemination between sexual companionship, people who receive chlamydia (CT) treatment of deodiamia (CT) should be treated within 7 days after a single administration, or until the 7 -day treatment plan and the symptoms disappear to avoid sexual intercourse.In order to minimize the risk of re -infection, patients should also guide patients to avoid sexual intercourse before treatment.

Among the pre -menopausal women who are sexually active, gonorrhea Nunasus and sandylona primary are common pathogens that cause pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Third, mycoplasma

Female mycoplasma vaginitis is one of attribute transmission diseases.

The pathogen of mycoplasma infection includes human -shaped mycoplasma (MH), resolved mycoplasma (UU), and germ mycoplasma (Mg).Can cause urogenital tract infections.

Among them, the infection rate of degradation mycoplasma is the highest.Moreover, some mycoplasma can be planted in the human body after infection. The recurrence rate is high and the treatment is difficult.

In addition, hybrid infections such as chlamydia or mycoplasma infection can also cause urinary tract infection. If the cause is not found, the symptomatic medication is treated, which will cause urinary tract infection to be cured for a long time.

Finding chlamydia /copic chlamydia infection is equal to urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection refers to a series of inflammatory response caused by microbial infections such as bacteria.

The chlamydia and mycoplasma are microorganisms that cause urinary tract infections, and the urinary tract infection caused by ordinary bacteria is not a sexually transmitted disease.The reason why urinary tract infections occur because the pathogen enters the urinary tract or tissue causes inflammation of the urinary tract.

The incubation period is 1 to 3 weeks, which is manifested as urethral tingling. Different degrees of urine, frequent urination, and urine tingling, especially when the urine is more concentrated, the urethral mouth is light red and swollen, the secretions are thin and small, and the amount is small.Purgur or purulent.

It should be noted that both men and women may appear without symptoms.

Most women go to the doctor because they have obvious symptoms because they have obvious symptoms after they are infected.Usually, vaginal discharge, turbidity, cervical edema, congestion or obvious congestion points on the surface.Patients often experience internal discomfort in perineal pain, backache, and inner dual -share.

Clinically, women with urinary tract infection are obviously more than men, which has something to do with women’s special physiological structure and the acquired life experience.

If the chlamydia is infected during pregnancy, the newborn can be infected with the chlamydia of the sandylonia, causing conjunctivitis or pneumonia during pregnancy.Therefore, in time for pregnancy or pregnancy, it is necessary to check in time, find infection, treat timely treatment, and avoid maternal and baby transmission.

How to treat how to avoid repeated attacks?

In principle, the treatment of chlamydia and mycoplasma should be individualized in principle of early examination, diagnosis, early treatment, rules, and treatment plans.

To avoid recurrent attacks, first of all, early diagnosis and standardized treatment must be checked at the same time. Sexual partners must be checked at the same time to avoid repeated infections, avoid sexual contact during the onset, and use condoms to promote safety.

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