Why do you check your teeth before pregnancy?#Teeth health

Oral examination before pregnancy.The place behind was dropped. I had two teeth when I was pregnant, and I broke a hole directly.These two teeth were at the end of last year.So if you want to prepare for pregnancy and check your teeth, it is also the most important one in your pregnancy.Because it is easy to cause teeth during pregnancy.Like my teeth, it should be because of calcium deficiency. During the pregnancy and lactation, if there is not enough calcium, in order to meet the growth needs of the fetus, you will consume calcium from the mother’s bones and teeth.Those who fall their teeth.The secretion of estrogen will make the gums thick, and the food you usually eat is greasy and messy. If you do n’t clean it, you will have gingivitis or bleeding.Many mothers are fighting hard, because during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will not let you go to dental replenishment.Therefore, it is best to do a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy, and minimize these possibilities before pregnancy.

We can only be sinned during pregnancy.Rest up the habit of oral cleaning, and rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth in the morning and evening.The habit of rinsed my mouth after this meal is that I have maintained from the second child to the present.Many people just brush their teeth sooner or later. There is no habit of rinsed my mouth after meals. You must know that after eating, food residues will remain in the mouth and ferment, breeding bacteria and smelling and corrosive teeth.So the mouthwash is very effective.And mouthwash and brushing are two habits that cannot be replaced by each other.Brushing your teeth is cleaning your teeth, and mouthwash is cleaning the entire mouth.Because the boss spent a lot of money for me, I asked the second child to follow her with the habit of rinsed the mouth after meals.In addition to telling them to brush their teeth sooner or later, I will let them use Bai Xi to rinse my mouth with Bai Xi.Put two such strips in the schoolbag. It is very convenient to take it to the school. It tastes very fragrant, but it will not feel very spicy in the mouth. It is very refreshing in the mouth.burden.It’s like eating gum, refreshing.What I value is that the sugar glycase added inside can decompose the residual sugar in the mouth to avoid the smell of oral fermentation and prevent tooth decay.You see you can only drink this lid every time, and you will not penetrate down.Whether it is an adult or a child, the daily care of the mouth is still necessary.A simple step after meals, fresh breath can also prevent oral problems.Such a good thing is recommended to you.

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