Why do women’s axillary lactation?

Women who are breastfeeding.

Portuguese women with more milk.

Childbirth may cause some physical changes, which is not unusual, but for a Portuguese woman, the symptoms of pregnancy are particularly unique: her armpits begin to secrete milk.

According to a report published in the New England Medical Magazine on July 29th local time, the 26 -year -old woman told the doctor at the Lisbon St. Mary Hospital in Portugal that she had right armpit pain two days after childbirth.When the doctor checked the area, she found that her armpit was a circular mass."Surprisingly, when pressing the mass, it releases white secretions," said the author.

Subsequently, she was diagnosed with dairy, that is, there was a symbol of additional breast tissue in the body.According to a paper published in the Journal of Meio Clinic in 1999, 6%of women were born with this affiliated breast tissue.In some cases, this additional breast tissue contains nipples or areola (pigmental areas around the nipples); but under special circumstances, only breast tissue exists, and the nipples or areolas disappear.

According to a paper published in 2014 in "American X -Line Magazine", this situation often occurs when the fetal development is formed, that is, the prelude cell cells of the mammary gland are formed along the "mammary gland" from the sides of the body to the body.Usually, except for breasts, the bulges in other parts will disappear, so as not to leave the body’s "unnecessary" parts of the "unnecessary" part of the body.But there are exceptions, such as this axillary lactation incident.The papers in 2014 have pointed out that the most common part of the mammored tissue is armpit.

If there are no nipples or areolas of the auxiliary breast tissue, it is difficult for women to realize that she has extra breast tissues until she is pregnant or starts breastfeeding, because when milk enters these tissues, women will experience swelling or pain in the area, someWomen can even extract breast milk from it.In a 1999 paper, the author describes a case of 18 -year -old women with excess breast tissue under the armpit.Maintain breastfeeding.

This time, the Portuguese woman was told that her condition was benign.The doctor also reminded her that when receiving conventional breast cancer screening, she also needs to pay attention to whether the underxual mammary gland tissue has cancer.However, whether the woman can breastfeed normally or extracted milk from the armpit, it is still unclear.

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