Why do women have leucorrhea?What are the special effects of women’s leucorrhea, men also need to know

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[Doctor Answer] Lands are a common phenomenon in women’s reproductive systems, and almost every woman will experience it.However, many women do not know the causes and functions of leucorrhea.Lands are actually a manifestation of women’s physiological state and have important physiological functions.This article will discuss why women have leucorrhea and the special role of leucorrhea in women’s physiological process.

1. Why do women have leucorrhea?

The regulation of ovarian hormones:

Ovarian hormones, especially estrogen, play an important role in the menstrual cycle.The changes in these hormones have led to various changes in women’s reproductive systems, including the thickening and shedding of endometrium.The production of leucorrhea is closely related to the regulation of ovarian hormones.

Cervical mucus secretion:

Cervix is a channel connecting uterine and vagina, which will secrete a liquid called cervical mucus.The secretion and properties of cervical mucus vary with the menstrual cycle.During the ovulation, cervical mucus becomes more and thinner to promote the possibility of swimming and conception.This mucus is mixed with vaginal secretions to form a leucorrhea appearance.

Self -cleaning of vaginal and vaginal walls:

The vagina is part of the female reproductive system, and it has the ability to clean it.Harm substances such as bacteria and cell fragments in vaginal secretions can help clean and protect the vaginal environment and prevent infection.

Second, the special effect of women’s leucorrhea

1. Index of physiological state:

The appearance, texture and odor of the leucorrhea can reflect the health of women’s physiological state.Normal leucorrhea is usually transparent or milky white, soft in texture, and no irritating odor.If the leucorrhea changes abnormally, such as changes in color, odor, texture, etc., it may be a signal of a physical problem that needs to be paid attention to.

2. Keep the vaginal pH balance:

The pH value of normal vagina is acidic, which helps suppress the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and maintain vaginal health.Lactic acid bacteria in leucorrhea can produce lactic acid, reduce the pH value of the vagina, and help maintain a normal acidic environment.This acidic environment can prevent the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms and prevent the occurrence of vaginal infections and inflammation.

3. Provide lubrication and protection:

The secretions in leucorrhea can provide vaginal lubrication effects and reduce discomfort during sexual behavior.In addition, leucorrhea can also form a layer of protection barrier on the vaginal wall to prevent bacteria and other harmful substances invading and play a role in defensive infection.

4. Monitoring of health status:

By observing and understanding the changes in leucorrhea, women can monitor their health.For example, changes in the color, texture and odor of leucorrhea may be related to infection, inflammation or other gynecological diseases.Discover these changes in time and consult the doctor to help early diagnosis and treatment of potential health issues.

4. Auxiliary role in the fertility process:

During the fertility of women, leucorrhea plays an important role during conception and pregnancy.Appropriate cervical mucus can provide a channel for small tadpoles to enter the uterus and help Xiaosu survive and swim in the reproductive tract.In addition, during pregnancy, the increase and change of leucorrhea are also related to the physiological changes of cervical mucus and endometrium.

In addition, women can take some measures in daily life to maintain the health of the vagina and promote normal leucorrhea secretion.

Balanced diet and maintaining good living habits: Pay attention to sufficient nutrition in diet, including vitamins and minerals to enhance immunity and maintain good health.At the same time, maintaining good living habits, such as regular schedules, moderate exercise, and avoiding excessive fatigue, helping maintain the balance and health of the body.

Pay attention to private parts: keeping the vulva cleaning is an important measure to prevent infection and discomfort.Use mild cleaning products to clean the vulva area to avoid excessive soap or irritating cleaners.When washing, pay attention to wipe from the front to the back to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina from the anus area.

Avoid using too much vaginal cleaner: excessive use of vaginal cleaner, disinfectant or aromatherapy may disturb the pH balance of vaginal, leading to an increase in the risk of vaginal discomfort and infection.It is best to use warm water to clean the vaginal area and avoid excessive cleaning.

Leucorrhea is a common phenomenon in women’s reproductive systems. Its production is related to the regulation of ovarian hormones, the secretion of cervical mucus, and the self -cleaning of the vagina.Lands have a special effect in women’s physiological process, such as indicators of physiological state, maintaining vaginal pH balance, providing lubrication and protection, monitoring health status, and auxiliary effects in the fertility process.Understanding the cause and role of leucorrhea will help women pay better attention to their own health and discover and deal with potential health issues in time.If women have doubts about their own leucorrhea, it is recommended to consult a doctor to obtain professional opinions and guidance.

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