Why do the old man often say: "Wai’s daughter is tired of her waist, her children are tired of their legs", scientifically explaining that pregnant mothers need to understand

Any pregnant woman can give birth to a small life in October, but in these ten months, many mothers can suffer hardships. What sleep quality is not good, appetite, back pain, and so on are commonplace.What we want to say today is why all pregnant women have back pain during pregnancy.

We may listen to the old man before saying, "The daughter is tired of her waist and the children are tired of their legs." As for whether this is true, we need to listen to the scientific explanation.

Xiao Qian’s mother is more feudal superstition and a little male and young. When Xiaoqian is pregnant, she has not been very comfortable and always hurts her back, but Xiaoqian never says that she is uncomfortable because XiaoQian knew that once she said, her mother could not guarantee that she would ask Dong and the West, and even superstitted "pregnant her daughter was tired of her waist, and her children were tired of their legs."

Therefore, once you touch the mother’s inverse scales, you may not have a good face, let alone that men and women are their own children. How can it make children suffer so much when they are born.Therefore, Xiaoqian himself also went to obstetric experts to consult. Experts said that the back pain during pregnancy was completely normal performance during pregnancy.

The specific reasons are as follows:

1. Excessive hormone secretion

In fact, everyone’s body will secrete different hormones, and they execute their mission, such as when you are excited, adrenaline will soar.Therefore, there will be special hormones to regulate the body of the pregnant woman during pregnancy, making him more suitable for the baby’s growth. This hormone is estrogen and progesterone.

Among them, this hormone has suddenly increased, and there will be some "side effects" in the corresponding body. For example, the pelvis is likely to accumulate blood. To solve this situation, pregnant women must lean back to balance the body.

Imagine that under normal circumstances, we stand upright. Suddenly, if we suddenly lean backwards, will it make the body uncomfortable and increase the burden on the muscles and have back pain.

2. The weight gain, the belly becomes larger

When you are not pregnant, you will be alone. Even if the weight is high, there will be no big things, but it will be different if you are pregnant. After all, there is a person in your body.It will increase more or less, which has also become an inevitable burden for pregnant women.Pregnant women’s stomach is normal, but few people think about why pregnant women do this.

Actually, the stomach is not prominent a few months before pregnancy, but when the more, the pregnant women will feel the "pressure" brought by pregnancy.Keep your body balanced, but this posture will continue to stretch the spine muscles and hurt, and you will have back pain.

These two methods may alleviate the symptoms of discomfort:

1. Massage the waist back

We usually sit on the chair for a long time, and the party feels the discomfort of the body, let alone a pregnant woman who is pregnant with the baby?Therefore, in order to reduce the condition of back pain, the doctor suggested that there is no more massage.

However, the method of massage is also particular. First of all, the pregnant woman’s massage should not be too hard. It is best to gently press the back muscles with the palm of the hand. When the pain can be relieved, massage from the top to the hip to the hip.Back pain will be significantly relieved.

2. Pay attention to the posture of sleeping

During pregnancy, many pregnant women always worry about sleeping. Whoever may be comfortable in this way, but the baby is not necessarily, so many pregnant women are in charge of finding a comfortable posture that will not hurt the baby.

Therefore, a sleeping position proposed by the doctor is when you are lying on the side, a sleeping pad is sandwiched between the legs, so that the belly will have a "reliance", and the baby will not be so uncomfortable, and it is in line with people’s sleeping posture.But at the beginning, it may not be able to adapt, and even back pain in back pain. In fact, this is normal. As long as you endure it, it will rain and sunny.

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