Why do some pregnant women have never spit, but some pregnant women have been vomiting to produce?5 Questions to understand pregnancy

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From the moment he learned of pregnancy, the mood of the pregnant mother will be excited and nervous, especially complicated, especially the first pregnant pregnant mother.However, after the emergence of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that "some pregnant mothers have never spit, and some pregnant mothers have been vomiting to produce."Why is this?

In fact, it should be said that each pregnant mother will have early pregnancy reactions. This is different pregnant mothers. Due to different constitutions and hormones in the body, the premature pregnancy response of the pregnant mother is different."Pregnancy vomiting" is one of the serious reactions in early pregnancy.

"Pregnancy vomiting" means that during pregnancy, pregnant women have nausea, vomiting, anorexia, anorexia, etc. during pregnancy.

Generally, after vomiting, there is often no appetite and no longer want to eat. At this time, the elderly in the family may be too delicate, and some even say that the pregnant mother’s pregnancy is pretended.

In fact, no, pregnancy vomiting is a normal early pregnancy manifestation.

Generally, from 6 weeks of pregnancy, it appears around 12 weeks of pregnancy, and of course, some pregnant mothers will be around 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Some pregnant women have a serious performance of "nausea and vomiting". They are so severe that they can vomit and vomit. They do not increase their weight and even smell a little bit of taste. This situation is "pregnancy drama vomiting".

Many pregnant mothers think that "pregnancy vomiting" is amazing. When she says vomiting, the first second is okay. The next second may be spit because of a sudden taste.Essence

① hormone level.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body rose rapidly, and the pregnant mother’s body was affected by changes in hormone levels. It would "reflective" cause some digestive tract symptoms. The most direct manifestation was pregnancy.

② mental factors.

After pregnancy, the expectations of the long pregnancy, worry about fetal development (especially worry about abortion of fetal abortion), and your physical condition. This overly worry will lead to loss of appetite for pregnant mothers and appear nausea and vomiting.

③ Excessive secretion of gastric acid.

When pregnant, pregnant women often cannot eat normally, and the stomach empty time is prolonged, resulting in excessive gastric acid secretion, and also increases the stimulation of the stomach of the pregnant mother and aggravate the performance of nausea and vomiting.

④ Before I had stomach problems.

If pregnant women have some gastric diseases, such as gastritis and gastric ulcers, such as Helicobacter pylori infection, may also cause nausea and vomiting.

There is no way to "completely cure" pregnancy, but it can be relieved through some small methods to reduce uncomfortable discomfort.

① Avoid smelling strong or exciting taste.

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s sense of smell becomes sensitive, and she will be nauseous when she smells a little taste. Therefore, it is best to avoid making pregnant women smell the taste that may cause pregnancy, such as the flavor of the oil fume, the flavor of gasoline, and the smell of perfume.

② Take more rest and avoid tiredness.

When the pregnant mother is tired and the state is not good, it will be more prone to appear nausea and vomiting, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to rest; in addition, they should rinse their mouths in time after vomiting, otherwise the taste in the mouth may cause the pregnant mother to vomit again.

③ Eat less meals, eat light diet, drink lemonade.

If the pregnant mother has a pregnancy reaction, eat less meals, and eat something without waiting for being hungry. You can eat lighter diet.Foods, such as all -wheat bread, fresh vegetables and fruits.

④ Don’t be too hard when you are pregnant

When I feel nauseous to vomit, the pregnant mother should not be too hard to avoid damage to the digestive tract mucosa.

① Pay attention to supplement nutrition

Pregnancy vomiting may cause electrolyte disorders in pregnant women, and even dysfunction in the body in the body, so it is necessary to replenish nutrition in time.After pregnancy, don’t refuse to eat, you can eat light and digestive, liquid or semi -liquid food.Avoid eating too greasy food.

② Pay attention to hydration

After pregnant women’s pregnancy, the moisture in the body is often lost in large quantities. Therefore, pregnant mothers must replenish water in time, especially in hot summer, avoiding darcration and heat stroke, which affects the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

③ Change your dietary habits

After pregnant women’s pregnancy, there will be loss of appetite and anorexia. If pregnant women respond serious, they can eat less meals every day, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially foods rich in vitamin, which will help relieve pregnancy to a certain extent. In addition,Even if the pregnancy vomiting is severe, the pregnant mother should eat a certain amount of staple food every day to avoid keto acid poisoning in the fetus.

④ Pregnancy drama vomiting should seek medical treatment

If pregnant women are severe in pregnancy and diagnosis of pregnancy drama, obey the doctor’s suggestion treatment and conditioning to avoid affecting the development of the fetus.

There are two common misunderstandings about pregnancy vomiting during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should not blindly believe it and bred scientifically.

① Some people say: The severity of pregnancy is related to giving birth to boys and women

This is completely wrong.

I often listen to the old man saying, "The reaction during pregnancy is large, there are boys in the stomach, the reaction during pregnancy is small, and the belly is a girl." There is no scientific basis.

The boy and the girl are related to the chromosomes in the body. At the moment of the fertilized eggs, it has been determined, and it has nothing to do with the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy.

② Some people say: If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it means that the uterine resistance to the fetus is more serious

This statement is also wrong.

If it appears during pregnancy, the mother’s exclusion and resistance to the fetus will generally occur three months before pregnancy. The fetal development is abnormal, such as embryo discontinuation, but it has nothing to do with the severity of pregnancy.

In fact, it is not a bad thing to correct pregnancy after pregnancy. To correctly understand pregnancy vomiting, this is not a bad thing. Instead, it can be used as a good thing from another angle.Fetal condition.Just adjust your status and accompany the baby’s healthy development.

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