Why do pregnancy vomit?Divided into physiological and psychological factors, just deal with it reasonably

As we all know, pregnancy is a process that every woman can almost experience.Many women have the phenomenon of nausea, nausea, and vomiting when they are pregnant. Some people call it "harmful joy", which is a normal phenomenon.Many women often appear during pregnancy, and even some women know that they are pregnant with this symptom.So why do you vomit in pregnancy?

Vomiting during pregnancy is actually the cause of hormonal secretion in the body.Secondly, pregnant women will produce a substance called "lutein". This substance can stabilize women’s uterus, but it will affect the function of the gastrointestinal and intestines. Therefore, pregnant women may have indigestion and cause vomiting.In addition to physiological reasons, psychological reasons are also part.Because many pregnant women are the first mother, some physiological problems can lead to the mental tension and poor mood of pregnant women, and psychologically leading to physiological discomfort, this is also possible.

Is there any vomiting in every pregnant woman?

Generally speaking, pregnant women with good bodies are rarely harmed, and some pregnant women with emotional tension and poor constitution will vomit more seriously.Before the child is 16 weeks old, the vomiting of pregnant women will be gradually relieved from the beginning, and it rarely appears after 16 weeks.

To improve this kind of joy, pregnant women need to understand that this is not a disease, but a physiological phenomenon.Therefore, you must relax psychologically and not too nervous.To ease the harm, pay more attention to your diet, eat less meals, and do not eat some irritating foods, such as spicy and greasy foods.You can eat something before going to bed to reduce the nausea of getting up the next day.If the nausea is serious, you can take the vitamin B6 under the guidance of a doctor, which has a certain relief effect on this situation.

Vomiting is not necessarily pregnant. What symptoms can be determined?

If a woman is pregnant, menstruation, vomiting, dizziness, and drowsiness will occur during six weeks of pregnancy.Of course, everyone’s pregnancy response is different. Some people are sleepy, but some people are afraid of cold.But what can be determined is that when you are pregnant, you can discontinue menstruation, and other symptoms are not sure if you are pregnant. The menstruation is not pressed on time. This symptom can be said to be the most common symptom of pregnancy.

Pregnancy and vomiting, also known as hammer, is a normal reaction that occurs due to changes in body hormone secretion during pregnancy.This is not a disease. As long as you pay more attention to your diet, avoid eating greasy food or supplementing vitamin B6, you can alleviate vomiting.

Guidance expert: Meng Yan, chief physician, Jinzhou Central Hospital Gastrointestinal Medicine.

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