Why do I always think so hungry, hungry, and hungry?

I have always heard some friends complaining recently:

"Why didn’t you be hungry after a meal?"

Sometimes you may not be hungry, but your mouth is "particularly lonely", and you can’t restrain it to eat.

Whether it is "physiological" or "psychology" is very annoying, how to deal with it?

This must be started from finding the reason.

The human appetite regulation involves the impact of multiple hormone signals and environment, which is completed with the joint participation of many factors.Therefore, the increase in appetite increase is also various.

There are 7 reasons for common.

This situation is actually quite common, such as starting to eat less for weight loss, including staple foods and croissant foods; or three meals have not decreased, but the amount of activity greatly increases, and insufficient heat and nutrients will occur.

Insufficient calorie intake causes weight loss, which will cause plasma "stomach hunger" level.

This type of hormone will cause our appetite to increase, "urging" you can quickly eat to prevent further weight from declining, complete the "self -protection" of a body.

It is also the reason to advocate not to be too fast and not overdose.

This kind of friend eats rice, pasta, pastries, and cakes, and eats a lot of food; while vegetables, meat, eggs, milk beans and other protein rich foods are relatively small.

This dietary structure contains a large amount of refined carbohydrates, while dietary fiber and protein are relatively insufficient.

On the one hand, refined carbohydrates are empty in the stomach, and the digestion and absorption are fast. The effect of lift blood sugar is obvious. It will stimulate the release of glucose hormone "insulin" and produce a sense of hunger.

On the other hand, this kind of diet is full, and the stomach does not feel enough expansion (the stomach feels not full); coupled with the fast stomach empty, you always feel that I have to eat more.

"By eating sorrow" must have experienced it.

In this case, we call it "emotional eating": a kind of impulse that is incompetent under emotional stimuli; it is different from physiological hunger.

Under continuous pressure, the adrenal secretion of "pressure hormonal" cortisol can stimulate appetite.

And research found that at this time, people (brain) prefer high -sugar and high -fat foods.

It’s really a work injury to overplay and fertilizer

Staying up late will make us hungry.

Insufficient sleep can cause hormone secretion disorders in appetite control in the body -increased hormone secretion that stimulates appetite, and the hormone secretion that suppress appetite is reduced, so it is easier to increase appetite after staying up late.

It seems that staying up late will be a fat man ~

It may also be because of pregnancy: the reaction of the body during pregnancy becomes less sensitive, and the "hunger hormone" will rise in early pregnancy and the mid -term: This may be the reason why the early pregnancy is always hungry.

In addition to the increase in appetite caused by these non -disease factors, it is always easy to be hungry and be vigilant if it is caused by diseases–

Insulin can promote reduced blood sugar and synthesis of glycogen, fat and protein.

When insulin deficiency or resistance, the cells cannot absorb the glucose in the blood, and the cells "can not be sufficient", and they will send the "hunger" signal to the brain, and the brain will send "eating instructions".

In this case, you may indicate that you have diabetes or have high risk of diabetes.It is recommended to go to the hospital for a glucose tolerance test, and early intervention can effectively avoid the development of diabetes.

According to data from the China Centers for Disease Control in 2013, Chinese diabetes patients exceeded 100 million, and as many as 50.1%of patients with "pre -diabetes" among adults.According to estimates, one person per two diabetic patients have not been diagnosed.

If diabetes is diagnosed, it is recommended to regulate blood glucose and formulate medical nutritional treatment plans under the guidance of endocrinology and nutrition.

In addition, low blood sugar reactions caused by various reasons such as improper medication, lack of insulin antagonist hormones, and excessive insulin secretion will also produce hunger.

Patients with hyperthyroidism have increased metabolic rates, increased consumption, and strong appetite because of the increased secretion of thyroid hormone secretion, but even if they eat more than normal people, their weight will decrease.

If you are often hungry and accompanied by panic, sweating, insomnia, susceptible anxiety, outstanding eyes, decreased weight, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time.

First, you need to rule out the "hunger" caused by the disease and treat it in a timely manner.

Recently, friends who have decreased quickly and are easy to get tired, it is best to evaluate whether the dietary structure and energy nutrition intake are sufficient with the help of professional nutritional people in order to correct the nutrition misunderstanding in time;

If you are a friend who is under weight, you need to choose a scientific medical nutritional weight loss plan.

Loss should be dinner well to ensure nutrition

Others, you can also try these methods:

Adjust the dietary structure and consume more foods rich in dietary fiber and protein.Such as dregs, staple foods, milk tofu lean meat, etc.; Choose a suitable balanced diet model.

The best way to overcome emotional hunger is to find a source of pressure and learn to release stress.

Remember, eating is not a good way to solve problems, but it is easy to form a habit of overeating.It will also become a sad little fat.

Try "Mindful Eating" (or "Positive Diet")

Pay attention to the "feeling" you eat, taste every bite of food-don’t swallow every bite of food, put down the chopsticks, slowly chew 20-30 times, feel each particle and every small molecule of the foodThe feeling of fainting on the taste buds until you can fully feel the smell and taste of the food … and imagine how it produces it step by step.

Put down your mobile phone, turn off the TV, eliminate interference, and focus on feeling the process of "eating".This will make us establish a new connection with food. The correct distinction between eating is for physiological needs or simply find comfort, so as to effectively control appetite.

In short, I hope that everyone can be able to spend every day with a good nutrition, balanced meals, healthy and healthy, and happy and happy.

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