Why didn’t you respond after pregnancy?If this phenomenon appears, you should be happy

Text/Xiaoji talks about childcare

As women just became pregnant, as the hormone levels in our body increased, our mother would also have obvious signals, such as pregnancy reactions such as pregnancy vomiting, so some women did not respond at all after pregnancy. Like a person, this is this is that this is.Because of what?There is such a signal to be happy.

With the impact of hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, pregnant mothers with poor constitution or physical and mental sensitivity may have pregnancy reactions such as pregnancy, but for individual pregnant mothers, they can be summarized if they have a strong ability to adapt.

Of course, judging whether you are pregnant is not just pregnancy. When you notice that when you are pregnant, the pregnant mothers should check the medical examination in time, and check whether it is accurate under the guidance of the doctor. At the same timeThere is not necessarily the emergence of pregnancy vomiting, nor does it mean that pregnancy is stopped.

Many women stopped their holiday during pregnancy, but after examination, due to endocrine problems, it was not caused by pregnancy.

When pregnant mothers are delayed, they should test their own pregnancy. If there is a symbol of pregnancy, they should take a timely medical examination and determine it, so that they have a bottom.

Pregnant mothers who do not respond during pregnancy are often happy, and they are also implying that pregnant mothers have a high constitution. High physical constitution during pregnancy is also the best umbrella for the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers should feel like happiness.

On the contrary, if the mother does not have a pregnancy reaction signal, the pregnant mother should continue to maintain good physical growth to avoid pregnancy.

Many women have no signal of pregnancy after pregnancy, but they have a pregnancy vomiting in follow -up. This is a manifestation of a decline in constitution. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to.

Xiaoji reminded: After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should go out for walking more. At the same time, we can also enhance our mother’s physique when walking, which is conducive to maternal metabolism.

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