Why didn’t the old man see at a glance after pregnancy?The details really can’t hide

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Yesterday, a little friend in the mother group asked such a question: Why was it just pregnant and the stomach had not yet appeared, but the old man could see at a glance?

In the morning, I just used the pregnancy test paper to detect two bars. When I ate at night, my mother -in -law asked me if I was pregnant.

I am surprised to ask her how I knew, my mother -in -law said disapprovingly, "The XX of your third aunt’s house, so fat, when I was pregnant, I also saw it at a glance. There is a difference between pregnant people and ordinary people, even panting.The sound will be much more heavy than usual. "

I don’t know if she makes sense, but I have to say that ginger is still old …

As usual, the friends in the group are very enthusiastic and share their views and experiences:

"Not all the elderly have a golden eye. Just like me, I didn’t know when I first started to get pregnant, I just felt tired, sleepy, and had no energy at work. My mother -in -law said that I was lazy every day, and she saw a fart …"

"When I went home during the Spring Festival, my mother said that I was pregnant. I said that I didn’t know that there was any basis. Then I went to the hospital for a medical examination after more than ten days."

"My husband’s uncle is more than ninety, his eyes are not good, but you can see that I am pregnant. Are you strange?"


Since someone has asked this topic before, we will simply say a few words today.

Frankly speaking, after a woman is pregnant, whether it is physical, action, or daily habits, it will actually change slightly.

However, many elderly people will pay attention to observation, and can quickly combine with past experience in their heads.And some people are too big. Even if they have symptoms during pregnancy, they think they are uncomfortable or eating fat.

As a result, this phenomenon will appear: some elderly people can see whether women are pregnant at a glance, while some pregnant mothers do not know that they are pregnant until they are about to give birth.

So the question is, what changes will the woman’s body quiet after pregnancy?

Discontinue menstruation

After pregnancy, the hormone level in the body will increase, inhibit the endometrium falling off.If women’s menstruation is more time on time, the first most typical symptoms that appear first after pregnancy are menstruation stop.

Therefore, when the menstruation is delayed for more than ten days, it is necessary to pay attention to it, and quickly use the pregnancy test strip to test it.

Insufficient energy, easy to tired

Since pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will obviously feel that they are not energetic, no matter what they do, they can’t help it.It is easy to feel fatigue and always feel weak.

Even if I slept very early at night, I was still easy to get sleepy the next day and always wanted to sleep.And because of mental weakness, pregnant mothers will become easy to forget, and memory is not as good as before pregnancy.

In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, chest tightness, breathlessness, panic, dizziness and other symptoms occur.(It is estimated that this is the basis for the old man mentioned by the friends in the group.)

Nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite

Due to the rapid increase in chorionic gonad hormone in the body, gastrointestinal motility of pregnant mothers will slow down.Most pregnant mothers will have nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, do not want to eat anything or just want to eat hot pot fried chicken and spicy chicken, but mention the symptoms of staple food but have appetite.

This early pregnancy reaction usually appears around 40 days of pregnancy, and it will gradually disappear after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

However, it is not ruled out that some pregnant mothers have long -term serious nausea and vomiting.In this case, the harm to pregnant mothers and babies is greater, and they must be seen in a timely manner.

Frequent urination, breast tenderness

In the early stages of pregnancy, most women have increased urination times.And affected by estrogen hormones, breast pain will occur.

In addition to the above symptoms, after pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will unconsciously protect their belly, walking posture will change, and the waist will also cause soreness and harder.

Finally, I want to say that for women who prepare for pregnancy, they still need to pay special attention to these details.Avoid situations that have been pregnant for two months but do not know.

After all, it is a dangerous period in the early pregnancy. You can better protect the baby in the belly.

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