Why did I take medicine or pregnant?These contraceptives before Valentine’s Day must be known

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Miss Chen (pseudonym), a 33 -year -old young woman, originally planned to return to her hometown on February 3.On the evening of February 2nd, Miss Chen asked friends and colleagues to eat hot pot together, and worked hard for one year.Unexpectedly, after eating hot pot, Miss Chen had persistent abdominal pain, obvious middle and upper abdomen, and diarrhea once during the period.

Patients may be that the hot pot food may not be clean, causing gastroenteritis. Oral intestinal tablets at home. After rest, abdominal pain can be relieved, and no further consultation will be taken.

The next morning, the patient had paroxysmal abdominal pain again, and the patient went to the area of the hospital hospital for surgery. The CT reminded that the abdominal pelvic cavity had a large amount of effusion, which was not except that the blood was not except;Direct shadow.

Because there is no gynecology department in the section of the hospital, the patient takes a taxi to Tongren Hospital for treatment.

After taking the consultation of Dr. Wang Jinbo, he asked the medical history. Patients were plain menstrual rules, 5-7/30 days, and last menstruation: December 29, 2020.Patients began on December 30, 2020 to take their own oral orally You Siming, and the prosecution did not missed.

Dr. Wang suggested that patients improve the urine HCG examination and B -ultrasound, but Ms. Chen was anxious to drive home and was not willing.After repeated mission to the patient, Miss Chen still accepted the examination.

After examination, diagnosis is anotonic pregnancy and bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

The income hospital improves the abdominal lens detection during the preparation.Right tubal resection+pelvic pregnancy tissue is cleared.

The blood HCG after surgery was ideal, and he was recovered quickly.

The contraceptive pills have been used since 1960. There are about 75 million women in the world who use contraceptives in the world, while the public in my country has certain misunderstandings and concerns about it. At present, only 3%of women in childbearing age use oral contraceptives.

1 Are all contraceptives the same?


Oral contraceptive principle: combined with progesterone or female progesterone, by inhibiting ovulation, changing cervical mucus, and changing the intrauterine environment, to prevent the fertilized eggs from bed to prevent pregnancy.

Oral contraceptives can be divided into three categories:

1. Long -acting contraceptive pill: Long -term duration, a long interval between medication, but a large adverse reaction, and is gradually being eliminated clinically.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pills: The body metabolism is fast, and the medication needs to be used every day. The contraceptive effect can reach 99%. WHO recommends the preferred contraceptive method to the wedding couple.

3. Emergency contraceptive pills: After eating afterwards, for a period of time after no protective life or contraceptive failure, the contraceptive failure rate is about 20%. It is suitable for people who are prone to impulsive, which is easy to cause irregular menstruation. It is not recommended as conventional contraceptive measures.

Oral contraceptives:

1. Short -acting contraceptive pills: one tablet every day, about the same time (28 days/21+7 days).

2. Emergency contraceptive pills: Most of the 72 -hour emergency contraceptives on the market. The earlier the effect, the better.

2 What will cause contraception failure?

1. Short -acting contraceptive pills: The correct use of short -acting contraceptives can reach more than 99%. The reason for the failure of individual short -acting contraceptives is to miss and forget.

2. Emergency contraceptive pills: The earlier the successful success rate of contraception, the higher the rate of success.The effective rate is 80%correctly. If it is taken in 48 hours, the failure rate can even reach 40%.

3. The use of the following drugs will also reduce the success rate of oral contraceptives and contraceptives:

(1). Liver enzyme induction agent: Lifuping, Babadu, Kamasiping, benzetal sodium, etc., can accelerate the metabolism of contraceptives and reduce the drug concentration in the blood;

(2) sleeping pills: can speed up metabolism of contraceptives;

(3). Antibacterial drugs: It can inhibit the bacterial flora in the intestine, which affects the absorption of contraceptives.For example

(4). Smoking and drinking: You can speed up drug metabolism and reduce the effect of contraceptives.

3 Can contraceptive contraceptive failure children can ask for children?

The impact of emergency contraceptives on the fetus belongs to the "full" or "no" effect.

In other words, or if the contraception fails, if the contraceptive fails, then the drug has no effect on the fetus and can continue to grow normally.

If you don’t know if you are pregnant, you will still be pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives, or after taking emergency contraceptives. If you want to leave this child, there will generally not be any problems.

4 Is contraceptive increase the probability of ectopic pregnancy?

The existing evidence shows that taking emergency contraceptives does not increase the incidence of ectopic pregnancy, and it also prevents the absolute risk of ectopic pregnancy by preventing pregnancy from reducing pregnancy.However, in the absence of emergency contraception, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is still needed.


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