Why can’t you conceive naturally?Is it possible to be ovulation disorders

Ovulation disorders are one of the most common infertility in women. Once ovulation problems occur, it means that natural conception is difficult.Some women with ovulation dysfunction can naturally conceive after controlling and treatment, but more women need to use ovulation -promoting drugs to solve their infertility problems.So, what are the causes of ovulation disorders?Is the IVF may successfully treat ovulation disorders?

Ovulation disorders are a test tube baby. Ovulation promotion is one of the important links. Ovulation disorders and ovulation promotion seem to be a very contradictory connection.Within the range, we will adopt a scientific calculation of IVF plans.I have to say that choosing a test tube baby with ovulation disorders is much higher than the pregnancy rate of artificial insemination.

For patients with ovulation disorders, if you want to complete the fertility of IVF, you need to clearly understand the basic steps of ovulation. Generally, whether patients with ovulation disorders can be a test tube baby, you need to accept the evaluation of the ovarian reserves, and then take the promotion of promoting promotion.Ovulation scheme, ovulation -promoting drugs that require ovulation and ovulation and muscle injection related injections. The more follicles that promote ovulation are not as good as possible. The more follicles that are discharged meansThe higher the higher.After that, then monitor the development of follicles according to the ultrasonic, when there are advantageous follicles, and then use medical methods to take egg retrieval. Finally, IVF plans are performed. Because IVF does not necessarily succeed, there are also patients who want to be able to be able to be in the same way.In the process of ovulation, keep a few more advantageous follicles and freeze to prepare from time to time.

1. Polycystinum Premium syndrome

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a common disease that causes ovarian ovulation without ovulation, accounting for about 60%of patients with ovulation -free infertility. It is mainly manifested in the symptoms of follicles that cannot develop in the ovaries and have a large amount of small follicles in the ovarian cortex.

2. Central impact

The hypothery-pituitary-ovarian dysfunction disorders cause menstrual disorders, such as ovulation-free menstruation, amenorrhea, etc.; Pituitary tumors cause ovarian dysfunction and cause infertility; mental factors such as excessive tension, anxiety against the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis can beEffects, inhibit ovulation.This type of patients need to be treated from the root.After the drug or surgery, the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian function axis restores normal, women can be able to come to menstruation normally, and ovulation normally. Once there is normal ovulation, you can try natural conception.

3. Low ovarian function

Ovulators caused by weak ovarian function are the most difficult to treat.Ovarian is an important reproductive organ for women’s ovulation. Once an ovarian function is abnormal, premature failure such as amenorrhea, ovarian atrophy at less than menopause, and ovulation abnormalities are likely to occur. At the age of 40Ovarian function is close to failure, less basic follicles, and ovulation will be very difficult.

4. Folkyeuronication

The so -called follicular luteinization refers to the state where the eggs cannot be discharged even if the eggs are mature, so the eggs cannot be discharged.Although the basic body thermometer shows two forms of low temperature and high temperature, there is actually no ovulation.This condition has no conscious symptoms, and the basal body temperature is not abnormal. Only by continuously observing the follicles by ultrasonic detection can be found.

If there is no ovulation for more than 3 months, and the remaining non -rupture of follicles hinders the growth of new follicles, then a follicle puncture surgery must be performed, and the needle is extended into the vaginal puncture ovarian to absorb the follicular fluid.

As long as the ovulation promotion plan is scientifically and reasonably formulated and under the test of medical equipment, mature and advantageous eggs are closer to the success of the IVF.For ovulation promotion, individuals are different, and the ovulation promotion scheme is different.

If you find ovulation disorders, you should go to the doctor for treatment in time. Even if you do not need to get pregnant, you should pay attention to this, because it will affect women’s health and cause other diseases. Women who need reproductive function should actively treat them.Women who are still unable to get pregnant after treatment can consider the auxiliary reproductive technology of IVF.

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