Why can’t I sleep well during pregnancy?How many of these four reasons?

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One -third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Sleeping is both an instinct of human and an indispensable part of health.Especially for expectant mothers, sleep quality is directly related to the health of themselves and babies.

High -quality sleep can not only allow pregnant women to improve the resistance of pregnant women, stay away from various health problems, but also alleviate physical and mental stress, and create a stable internal environment.It also plays a very important role in the healthy growth and development of the baby’s brain, nerves, and body.

In fact, sleep problems during pregnancy are still very common, and expectant mothers do not need to be too anxious.So what are the causes of sleep problems such as insomnia during pregnancy?Today, let’s take a look together ~~

Reason one: pregnancy hormone fluctuations during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the endocrine hormones of expectant mothers will change greatly, and sleep during pregnancy will change.

In order to ensure the stability of the baby in the early pregnancy, the body secretes a large number of progesterone that maintains stability of pregnancy. Wilderness is beneficial to sleep, so early pregnancy will be easier to be drowsiness.

During the subsequent pregnancy, the human body will also secrete estrogen. Scientists have shown that estrogen is a hormone that reduces sleep duration.

Throughout pregnancy, expectant mothers will be affected by the changes in the changes of the fluctuations of these two hormones at the same time, causing sleep problems, and the degree of influence depends on its relative concentration.

Reason two: Psychological reasons

Pregnant women have changed their mental and psychological changes during the whole pregnancy, and the tolerance for stress will be greatly reduced. The expectations and excitement in the early stages of pregnancy, coupled with the sorrow, nervousness, anxiety, depression, etc. of the inaccurate situation during pregnancy.As a result, the emotional mood is very sensitive.

The emotional instability of expectant mothers during pregnancy will seriously affect the quality of falling asleep and sleep.Maintaining a relaxed and good mentality during pregnancy will be greatly conducive to adjusting the sleep status.

Reason three: bad sleep habits before pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to correcting some bad sleeping positions in the past.Such as lying down and sleeping, these sleeping positions are not conducive to the smooth breathing, and the adverse effects on the quality of sleep will be highlighted.At the same time, with the increase of pregnancy, this sleeping posture will oppress the uterus, which is not conducive to the baby’s growth and development.

In addition, some expectant mothers are not very regular during pregnancy. They often stay up late to work, play games and play games, etc., and then make up for the day.Form a vicious cycle of sleeping during the day and not sleeping at night.After pregnancy, due to the changes in physiological and psychological changes, the schedule is even more disordered and difficult to adjust.

Staying up late will cause a variety of damage to the body. The most serious is fatigue and mental weakness, which may directly lead to a decline in immunity.In addition, staying up late usually adopts a fixed position for a long time, which can easily cause pregnant women’s lower limb varicose veins.As the pregnant woman’s uterus is getting larger and larger during pregnancy, the lower body vein will gradually cause the lower body vein to poorly flow back, which can easily lead to hemorrhoids or lower limbs and perineal venous veins.

Reason four: frequent urination

The probability of frequent urination during pregnancy during pregnancy is very high. This is because after pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase in order to adapt to the growth and development of the baby.Compression is prone to urination, so there will be symptoms of frequent urination.

According to statistics, women who may have half a ratio may have frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy, but in the late pregnancy, nearly 80 % of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination.It is okay during the day, and I will get up at night to run to the toilet. Some will start 5 or 6 times a night, which seriously affects the sleep quality of expectant mothers and causes sleep disorders.

It is recommended to reduce a large amount of water before going to bed, and then go to bed before going to bed before going to bed, which can minimize the number of nights and improve sleep.

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