Why can the wife still get pregnant after the husband is ligated

Thinking of a former Mr. Zhao, he was 28 years old, with a coquettish wife and a love son.Because his wife was difficult to accept for contraception, and for the perspective of protecting his wife, Mr. Zhao took the initiative to assume a family planning responsibility and performed the vastered tube ligation surgery.I thought this time I could "do things" with confidence without having to worry about my wife’s pregnancy.

Who knows that after 2 years of ligation, it has been a long time after the sexual life of the husband and wife, and his wife is pregnant again.This makes Mr. Zhao very confused. I don’t understand what happened?The wife is always very virtuous, and she also loves Mr. Zhao. The relationship between the husband and wife is very harmonious. Will it be that the wife has an affair?This sensitive question was inconvenient to ask his wife directly, fearing that it would affect the relationship between the husband and wife, but he was very panicked in his heart. Mr. Zhao thought about it for a long time and had no satisfactory answer.Finally, I had to ask me.

It is understandable for Mr. Zhao’s embarrassment and helplessness, but we still have to face reality.Although ligation surgery can be said to be a relatively stable means in men’s family planning measures, it is not all lost, and it is not possible to doubt the "innocence" of his wife.After the male ligation, the wife is pregnant again, aside from the social factors, it is entirely possible to specifically dedicated to academic factors.The regeneration after ligation of the tubular ligation may occur within a few months after surgery (recent regeneration), and it can also occur in the years or even more than ten years after surgery (long -term regeneration).The main causes of fertility after ligation of the vollarization tube include:

(1) The failure of the surgery is that the ligation of the vollar tube during the operation is not tight and fails to close the luggage; or the ligation is too tight, resulting in the rupture of the vastered pipe wall on both sides of the ligation.Over the way; surgical errors are also inevitable. Although this situation is rare, it can occasionally occur. It is mainly caused by the lack of experience and technology of doctors. The local anatomical structure variation of patients may also be partial reasons.

(2) Men after the residual sperm surgery can have residual sperm in the semen. Most people can no longer have sperm in the semen after many times or 2 to 3 months after surgery;In the case, sperm in semen can exist for more than half a year.Although the residual sperm treatment technology (seminal vesicles and killing sperm drugs, etc.) during the operation are very serious during the operation, it cannot completely avoid the occurrence of residual sperm.Therefore, after the ligation, men can still not take it lightly, and they should take other contraceptive measures for a while. They can not give up other contraceptive methods until the semen is not sperm after repeated examination.

(3) The ligation at the ligation and ligation at the ligation and ligation at the ligation may have a chance to match the operation and even the surgical failure after a period of time after a period of time.The two ends of the ligation tube can be re -communicated through the hyperplasia of epithelial cells; it can also be pierced or inflamed in the hematoma.Very small sperm can walk through the tiny cavity gaps unobstructed.

Therefore, once this situation occurs, don’t complain too much and entanglement, or it may not be caused by the "affair" of his wife, or you should face reality, take measures as soon as possible to terminate your pregnancy, and check whether your semen has sperm.Of course, this kind of test is definitely not the source of the wife’s pregnancy from morally, but to find the reason why the vampire ligation is found in medicine. The purpose of this is to make the basis for re -selection of contraceptive measures, and on the other handThe wife’s "innocence" can be indirectly verified, so as to eliminate possible misunderstandings and frictions.

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