Why can the results be measured with a pregnancy test stick for more than ten days?In fact, these feel more accurate

For women who are already preparing for pregnancy, every time I have a room with my husband, the most anticipated is to be able to successfully conceive. One of my little sisters even tell me this kind of private words.Sleeping with a pillow, don’t mention how uncomfortable the taste. "I look forward to the days when the stars are looking forward to the ovulation every month. I want to know if I am pregnant at the first time.Baseball to test, why is there two bars that are not expected?

When I told the younger sisters around me, even if the conception was successful, I had to wait at least ten days to see the weak signal on the pregnancy test stick, and their mouth was surprised to close.How long is my mother who can use the problem of pregnancy test sticks? There are still many misunderstandings. Today we will discuss this issue together.

It takes a few days to get in the bed in bed

The combination of eggs and sperm becomes a fertilized egg, but this is only the first step in the long march after Wanli. The fertilized eggs will move with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube and the contraction of the muscles. Only three or four days after the same room will enter the uterine cavity. 6-8 Ten will take root in the endometrium, that is, the fertile soil, so the conceivement is not as imagined by ordinary people. As long as the sperm and eggs meet, pregnancy needs to be displayed.

Why can’t I measure the pregnancy test stick in the early stages of pregnancy?

Through the process of conception introduced above, it can be seen that before the fertilized eggs, the hormone level of the pregnant mother’s body remains normal.It will not be secreted in a few days, and the main principle of the pregnancy test stick is to detect the level of fluffy gland hormone in the body of pregnant women, that is, the content of HCG, and HCG can only be detected by the pregnancy test paper after entering blood and urine.These requires the process. Generally speaking, about ten days is also the earliest time. Many doctors recommend testing whether to be pregnant in about 20 days of conception, and the accuracy of data will be significantly improved.

Another point is that the pregnancy test stick’s response to morning urine is the most sensitive. This is because in the early pregnancy, the content of HCG will be very low, and it is not easy to detect.During the sleep process, hormone secretion is relatively strong, so the content of HCG in morning urine is the highest. Testing early pregnancy will be more accurate. When pregnant women are pregnant, they will detect a large amount of HCG content even in the usual urine., But at that time, I had already judged that I was pregnant, and the significance of the test was not great.

In addition to the pregnancy test stick, what other feelings are more accurate?

A small number of women will have symptoms of bleeding

The fertilized eggs usually occur in the six days of conception. Some women have symptoms of bleeding. This phenomenon is relatively mild. The bleeding is pink or brown.The universal phenomenon of all women occurs only among minority women.

Easy to burn up

In the first few days of pregnancy, many women will feel fatigue and want to sleep, and they are not easy to wake up after falling asleep. This is because after pregnancy, a hormone called luteal will be secreted in the body, which will make people feel exhausted.This is also a sign of successful pregnancy.

Breast soft

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel the tingling of the breast, swelling and soft. This is caused by the body that cannot adapt to a large number of hormones. After a period of time, the symptoms will disappear by themselves.

Frequent urine

Frequent urination will not only appear in the third trimester. In the early stages of pregnancy, gonadotropins will be secreted in the body, which will stimulate expectant mothers to go to the toilet. If you do not urinate frequently, you will frequently want to go to the toilet in the same room a few days after the same room.Mom’s preparation.

Of course, these feelings are relatively subtle. This is why many mothers know about pregnancy as soon as possible, and many mothers know why they are pregnant for more than two months.Very different. The sooner you discover, the more beneficial to the fetus. Are you right?

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