Why can plaster treat pain, but cannot cure degenerative arthritis?Hurry up and watch

Most of the reasons for knee pain in middle -aged and elderly people are from the problem of usage and usage. According to an article published by Professor Huang in the early stage: why middle -aged women are mentioned in knee arthritis and pain.According to my observations, most of the women can confirm whether they will suffer from knee degenerative lesions when they are in middle and elderly people in the elderly. In addition, women need to be pregnant and production.Further increase the chance of knee arthritis. If a car travels 20,000 kilometers per year, through regular maintenance, life expectancy should be maintained for 10-15 years, but our knee joints can not do any maintenance, and can alsoWith 60-65 years, only after entering the middle-aged and elderly people, the knee parts began to degenerate and wither, but we still need to admire the magical ax of nature, and we can design such a subtle structure.

In fact, the knee joint consumption is early, and it has entered an inflection point at about 30 years of age. If you have no habit of exercise, then your neuromuscular system has begun to weaken because the muscles are 1% per year per year each year.The speed of speed is reduced, and the intensity of the connection between nerves and muscles gradually weakened, but it is gratifying that you are not asymptomatic. Academician Zhong Nanshan I have recently mentioned that future medical care is no longer trying to treat the disease, but that it is necessaryDo you understand if you do disease prevention and the advanced part of rehabilitation? Do you understand? This is a forward -looking strategic thinking. Just like the knee degenerative lesions we discuss today, when the pain has appeared, it means that the structure has been damaged.The treatment of damaged structure is the treatment of symptoms, so we must consume a lot of medical resources to treat symptoms. Unfortunately, the treatment of symptoms is not cure, but it is relieved. Plaster is used to relieve it.

Why do people hurt, mainly because nature gave us an important defense mechanism in the process of evolution of nature. We have pain to stay away from danger and store memories. ThereforeThese painful nerve elements belong to the nerve conduction fiber that is not a medullary -free sheath (like the outer section of the wire), which can accept hot and cold stimulation at any time, chemical stimuli and mechanical stimulation, which generates pain to send signalsWe are in a dangerous environment, why do we immediately retract our hands as soon as we touch the hot water? Because through the monocreal pain reflection of the spinal nerve, we can prevent scald from the hand.What a refined defense system! Therefore, there are two ways to feel that there is no feeling of pain: one is to block the activation ability of the pain receiver, that is, directly cut off the conduction path, so that the cerebral cortex layer cannot receive the signal.So I won’t feel pain. Another method is to feel alternative, because the painless neurons without myelin sheaths are relatively small, which can be accepted by activating vibration consciousness, stress sense, and Wenjue.Most of the conversion is a relatively pleasant feeling, so that the pain can also be relieved. Poor drugs have an alternative or suppressing effect on pain through medicinal properties.Is it solved? The fact is cruel, and the degeneration is still continuing.

The knee joint is very complicated, and Professor Huang has always published the concepts and treatment related to the knee joint. In fact, I hope that everyone will not wait until the knee joint pain is painful, because once the knee joint hurts, as long as you go to the hospital for examination, the knee is actually the knee. In fact, the knee is actually the knee.The structure of the joints has different degrees of damage and damage. The most important of these is the cartilage and the half -moon board. If the two set of cushioning systems are lost, the knee joint is step by step into the abyss of degeneration. Although the knee joint is now the knee jointThe replacement material is advanced and the technology is perfect, but the invasive treatment is actually destroying the integrity of the human body, because the knee joint degenerates, 50%of the reason is not in the knee joint itself., But spine, pelvis, hip joints and ankle joints are important partners to determine the knee joint ability! If the problem is ankle joint, lesions occur in the knee joint, what should you do?

In fact, if you carefully look at the packaging instructions outside the plaster, in fact, you will mention the four words to relieve pain. As the name suggests, the most important function of plaster is to solve the problem of pain.Commercial interests, it is said that it can treat diseases such as knee degeneration. In my opinion, the degradation of the knee joint is a problem with functional problems, and then the structural problem occurs. Unfortunately, sometimes functional problems will cause attention.On the contrary, the structural lesions are lesions, which is directly red and swollen and painful. You ca n’t pay attention to it. It cannot be walked normally. Therefore, the importance of recovery is that the defects in the function of advancement, strengthen training and correctingInstead of aggressive, you are get, are you get?

The Chinese are convinced of plaster. In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. It does contribute excellent contributions to the treatment of pain, but the pain is resolved. Is the degeneration of the knee joint stop? I’m afraid it is not that simple, the life and health of the knee joint, the degree of health and health of the knee jointIn fact, it is in your own hands. Any medical method is an auxiliary role. If you easily hand over the life of the knee joint to others, then your knee joint is going to destroy step by step, bless everyone. If you like me,Articles, please like to encourage or pay attention to me so that you can get more health knowledge. We will update again next time@康 的 的 Professor Huang

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