Why are you more afraid of hot sweat than others?It may be that the thyroid is "asking for help"!4 steps to check thyroid health

Summer continues to be high temperature, and everyone is afraid of heat.

But there are such groups of people who are more afraid of heat and sweat more than those around them:

After two steps outdoors, the sweat on the face rushed like rain, and the sweat would flow into the eyes;

The room was turned on the air conditioner.

After getting out of the toilet, the collar was completely soaked and sticking to his back.

Why is this?This should start with the body temperature regulation mechanism of the human body.


4 kinds of body heat dissipation methods

Keep your body temperature relatively constant

The constant body temperature is very important for people, so there is a region in the Hulkurace called "body temperature regulation center".By regulating the body’s heat production and heat dissipation, it can help maintain the relatively constant body temperature and keep the core body temperature at 37 ° C.

To this end, the human body has evolved a variety of heat dissipation mechanisms, mainly in the four forms of radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation.These heat dissipation methods are closely related to factors such as the temperature difference between the skin and the surrounding environment, the effective heat dissipation area of the body, the thermal conductivity of the contact object, and the wind speed.

Under normal circumstances, radiation heat dissipation is the main method of heat dissipation.However, when the external temperature reaches 36 ° C, close to the core temperature of the human body, radiation heat dissipation will greatly reduce, mainly by sweating to evaporate heat dissipation; when the external temperature reaches 38 ° C, radiation heat dissipation and evaporation heat dissipation will almost fail.

Therefore, some people are more afraid of heat than others, and may be that his body temperature regulation mechanism has been affected.


These 7 types must be careful

It is easier to be "defeated" by the summer heat

1 sweating less than others

Humans regulate body temperature through sweat glands, sweating is an important way to heat dissipation.If the congenital sweat glands are not developed, or those who have inhibited sweats are used, the body’s heat dissipation function is unbalanced, which is more likely to heat or even heatstroke.

2 Do not like to drink water

Usually not enough water supplement, it will affect the body’s sweat and heat, and drinking hot water without more than 60 ° C can promote the secretion of sweat glands and can relieve heat.

It should be noted that drinking cold drinks does not prevent heat stroke, but it will reduce the speed of body heat dissipation.

3 Eat too much protein food

Eat more protein -rich foods such as meat and fish will make people feel hotter.This phenomenon can be explained by "food thermal effect": Eating can make the body consume extra energy. This energy is emitted through the body surface, making people feel hot on the body.

4 Frequent anxiety and depression

As the saying goes, the heart is quiet and natural.Funny and emotional instability will cause changes in hormone levels in the body through nerves -endocrine systems, resulting in a decrease in body temperature regulation.

5 obese

Obesity or overweight body fat, they can produce more heat during normal movement or exercise, and fat is a good insulation layer, which further affects heat dissipation.

6 elderly

Compared with young people, the elderly sweat less, the subcutaneous blood circulation ability is poor, affecting heat dissipation, and may be afraid of heat.

7 women during pregnancy

During women’s pregnancy, elevated progesterone will lead to increased body temperature, increased physical blood flow, faster metabolism, and increased heat production.

If you don’t belong to the above 7 people, but it’s easy to be afraid of heat, be careful. This may be a disease signal that the body is sent to you!


Summer hyperthyroidism

Make you more hot than others

The thyroid gland is the human "thermostat" that regulates the body temperature by secreting thyroid hormones.

Patients with hyperthyroidism will secrete too much hormone, and this hormone is heat -producing hormone, which will accelerate the metabolism of the human body. The body thermal energy increases, resulting in the basic body temperature of patients with hyperthyroidism than ordinary people.

Therefore, as soon as the temperature is hot in summer, patients with hyperthyroidism will heat up.

Not only that, summer is also a high incidence of hyperthyroidism. Do not relax your vigilance because of early symptoms.Use these 4 tricks from checking thyroid health!

① Look: Do the swallowing movement in the mirror, and observe whether there is a lump in the throat to move up and down with the swallowing action.If you can see a lump, it means that the thyroid gland is enlarged.

② Touch: Put your hand under the front of the neck, touch one side and touch the other side, slowly slide and touch, you can touch a larger nodule; the smaller nodules need to use the B -ultrasound to further clarify it to be further clarified.Essence

③ Shake: Pingle forward with both hands, the palms of your hands, five fingers separate, and close your eyes.Put the white paper on the back of the hand, and judge whether the hand shakes through the shake of the paper.Some people do not shake their hands, but they will tremble with their tongue.If the above problems occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a thyroid function test, and blood can be diagnosed.

④ Heartbeat: Decreased thyroid dysfunction may lead to slower heartbeat, and hyperthyroidism can accelerate the heartbeat. In addition, the increase in thyroid hormone levels may also lead to increased blood pressure.

Because of the fear of heat or bad habits, you need to seek medical treatment in time and adjust your lifestyle.Xiaobian teaches you 4 tricks, healthy response to summer heat.


4 major habits

Help you improve "anti -thermal force"

1 Eat more "bitter" and eat less "cold"

In summer, you should eat more bitter foods, such as lettuce, bitter gourd and lettuce.Try to eat less or not to eat cold drinks, you can’t help but be arranged for 1-2 hours after meals.After eating cold drinks, you can also drink a cup of ginger tea to remedy.

2 Reasonable selection of clothing: light, light, breathable, sweat absorption

In summer, you can pursue these 4 points: light, light, breathable and sweat absorption.It is recommended to be loose, moisture -absorbing cotton, hemp, silk and other materials, or choose a synthetic fiber material with strong breathability.

Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that the less you wear in the summer, the cooler the faster: Generally, when the skin temperature is higher than the temperature, the appropriate reduction of clothes can help heat dissipation;Below, increase the possibility of burns.

3 morning or evening exercise

Perform appropriate exercise in summer to let the body sweat, which is conducive to the body heat dissipation, but exercise should be moderate and avoid sweating.

Time arrangement is best in the cool morning or evening, and pay attention to hydration during exercise.If the outdoor temperature exceeds 32 ° C and the air humidity exceeds 60%, it is best to choose indoors.

4 Adjust the mentality

People who are afraid of heat in summer should pay attention to regulating the spirit and try not to get angry.Calm calm, don’t worry and boring.You can "cool down the heat" by self -adjustment and keep yourself feel comfortable.

(I am a big doctor official)

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