Why are there water droplets in the jar when cupping?

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Why does there is water droplets in the can during cupping

1. The wet evil in the body is heavier

If the wet evil in the human body is serious, there will be a relatively obvious response when cupping.The appearance of water droplets is also one of them. In addition, the color of the tank printing is also a manifestation of wet evil.

2. Leave the can for too long

We often say that when cupping, pay attention to the time of staying. The longer the longer the can, the better the effect, but some friends just don’t listen, so there will be water droplets and foaming in the can. This is to stay in the can.The harm brought too long.

3. The temperature of the fire tank is too high

There are many ways to cupping, there are vacuum tanks, and there are fire tanks.If you do not grasp the temperature of the fire tank when you cupping, it is not surprising that water droplets appear.It is recommended that cupping needs to find a professional physician, otherwise it is easy to burn the skin.

4. Differences

The effects of cupping in various parts of the body are also different. The back is a common cupping site, but some people will not have water droplets on the back of the back. If the part is changed, water drops will appear. This is actually caused by different skin tenderness.

Pay attention to these matters when cupping

1. Can’t curtain frequently

The humidity in the human body in summer is relatively heavy. At this time, people often go to cupping to achieve the purpose of dampness, but Chinese medicine reminds that cupping should not be too frequent, otherwise it will also have side effects on the body.

2. The tank seal cannot be repeatedly unplugged without disappearing

Generally speaking, the site of our cupping is the back, but if the tank seal left by the last cupping has not completely disappeared, then we cannot repeat cupping at this location. This is to avoid skin damage and other physical discomfort.Appear.

3. Do not be cold after cupping

Some people say that the whole body is wet after cupping, hoping to take a bath immediately, or open a fan or air conditioner, but do you know?After cupping, the human pores are open. At this time, if you take a bath or blow dry, it will cause wet and cold to enter the body and cause discomfort.

4. Do not cupping for pregnant women, menstrual women

Women need special care at some point, and during pregnancy and menstrual periods are worthy of attention.Women who are pregnant with taboos with menstrual women may cause problems such as abortion and excessive menstrual blood, which also hurts women’s body.

Cupping can maintain health, but we also pay attention to complying with some taboos, so as to exert the best effect of cupping.It is recommended that people choose a regular hospital when cupping, and do not go to a small clinic for cupping.

Reminder: The prescriptions and traditional Chinese medicines mentioned in the article need to be applied under the guidance of a professional doctor. Do not use it.

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