Why are the pregnant women always be spoiled by the elderly?How to face this problem can reduce the trouble

In the TV series, there are always such a plot. Women are pregnant. The family is a key protection for the baby, especially her husband. No matter how unreasonable the pregnant woman, my husband will face you with a smile and let you, no matter in the middle of the night, youWhat do you want to eat? My husband will not say that you will go out to buy it. Is the feeling of being drowned by your husband very enviable?But in reality, is it really so favored when women are pregnant?

The imagination is beautiful, and the reality is cruel!How many super sweet pictures can be spoiled by everyone during pregnancy?Of course, how many?I don’t know, but what I know is that the woman during pregnancy, if the husband is not around, or if the husband is too busy, you don’t need to work, and you have to raise your heart at home.Accompany you, you may often be unhappy because of some trivial matters. He often grieves a person to cry secretly. Sometimes when you are clearly helpless, you are always said. Well, you are too coquettish!In particular, the old man likes to say to pregnant women the most is "You are too delicate now, you are too delicate. In the past, we have to go to the ground when we are pregnant!" This sentence, it is estimated that women who have given birth to children will feel familiar!

When Xiao Qin was in the second child, because she lived with the elderly, there were a lot of unpleasant things. Once, her father -in -law celebrated her birthday, and the whole family had to come back to eat. This is a customary.My sister is the last one, and every time is very late. Every time the whole family is waiting for her. In the past, everyone was used to it. No one said anything.

However, because Xiaoqin was pregnant this year, pregnant women generally have a relatively easy stomach. All the meals of all these meals are ready. Everyone has arrived.Night?She said that she got up late!At that time, Xiaoqin smiled and said: "Today, my dad has a birthday, why are you still sleeping so late?" As a result, she said on the spot: "Huh! What happened to sleep late?" Wow, when I heard it, I heard it at the time.Then, Xiaoqin was really angry!But Xiaoqin said nothing. After eating silently, she ran to a gazebo in the community for a long time. When her husband found her, Xiaoqin couldn’t help crying!

Because of this, my sister ignored Xiaoqin for a long time. Even if she didn’t even ignore her, hey!Who is blame?Just blame Xiaoqin is not a biological daughter!Isn’t it normal for my mother to stand on her own daughter?You said, why did Xiaoqin talk more at that time, and why, so stupid, the big belly had to wait for her sister to come to eat. Why can’t she eat it first?It is estimated that people are afraid of her coquettishness!Another time my sister deliberately passed on Xiaoqin. My mother -in -law once complained to her sister. After Xiaoqin was pregnant, she did not help her to do any housework.Do you work all kinds of work until the day of giving birth, why can’t she work?Xiaoqin knew that it had been remembered in his heart to the present.

In addition, I said myself, I bleed several times under the signs of abortion, and I was admitted to the hospital for several days each time. Once, my mother -in -law went to the hospital to give me a meal. When I was eating, my mother -in -law and my mother -in -law followed.When I talked about the family members of the bed, she said in front of the entire ward all the people: "Every time our family has a little thing, I have to come to the hospital for a few days. Oh, there is no way, the young people are too delicate now!"The family members of the bed are also an aunt. She also said," Oh, that’s not. When we were pregnant at that time, we were still picking cement before the day!

A few of our pregnant women were listening to them about these, and no one wanted to talk. After their old people left, we started chatting. Some people just said why these old people like to say that we are coquettish and live in the hospital to protect their fetuses.I was in a bad mood and was said to be coquettish. Who would like to live in this place!It seems that many pregnant women have encountered this situation!

When I was pregnant with the first child, I didn’t live with the old man, but the day I gave birth, because of the painful pain and long time. I broke the amniotic fluid at two in the morning and started to pain at around 6 am.Born, it hurts for more than ten hours. Before I entered the delivery room in the morning, only my mother -in -law was by my side. When my mother -in -law saw that I was in pain and wanted to cry, I said to me, "You are too exaggerated! It’s still early!You call it like this! When you really want to give birth, you will be more painful! I can bear it yourself! Don’t be too coquettish! "However, I really hurt and uncomfortable. At this time, if my mother is in meBeing around, I guess my mother will grab my hand to comfort me and encourage me!

Because of these things, I have also complained, why do women always have all kinds of troubles now?Why can’t you be happy?Although women’s pregnancy is easy to fluctuate, but if family members can take care of pregnant women a little bit, will it be better?

But then I was relieved by myself. When a woman was pregnant, do n’t have too much expectations for the people around me. Can I have a pleasant mood in the end?Still depend on yourself!Because from the beginning of the expectation too much, when facing reality, the gap will be very large. If the gap is large, the person’s mood will become poor, the mood is poor, and it will affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen.In the process, no matter how sad, we still have to make our hearts stronger in order to protect the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen well!

We decided to start the moment when the child was born. As a mother, everything we did for is for the baby, and the child’s child is responsible for this is our parents’ responsibility.

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