Why are the dogs so "difficult to distinguish" when mating?

Many people should have watched this scene. Two dog buttocks are facing the buttocks, and they are not separated. What are they doing?Why are the dogs who are in estrus when they are "difficult to distinguish"?

The process of dog mating:

Dogs mate, first, the male dog crawls. After a few minutes, it changes from climbing to back with the female dog. At this time, the male dog’s genitals can rotate 90 degrees. If the bitch "locks", the dogDogs are separated, and the process continues for about 20 ~ 35 minutes.

Is there any harm if the dog mating is interrupted?

When I was not sensible when I was young, when I saw two dogs together, they deliberately scared others and let them separate.But now when I grow up, I know that the dogs are mating, and they are avoided when they see it from afar.

Because the dog was frightened and the mating was forced to stop, what harm was great.For example, the male dog’s penile bone may be broken, the vaginal smoothing muscle of the bitch may be strained, the uterine suspension ligament damage, etc., which is very harmful to the body.

After the male dog is interrupted, the mood may become uncomfortable, and they may be angry and want to bite people. At that time, they are dangerous.

Some pet owners see that their dogs are forced by other dogs, and they want to stop, but at this time it is too late. The dogs have developed at this step and they should do everything.You can only wait, don’t pull away the dogs, so as not to hurt their bodies.

How to take care of dogs during estrus?

1. If you don’t want your dog to get pregnant, and if you don’t want them to run out of mating, sterilization is the most effective way. Many dogs will become good after sterilization, and it will be more worry -free.

2. After the sterilized dogs have no hormonal moment, their mood will be low, and the mentality of "not worth the world" will appear to be depressed.At this time, the owner needs to spend more time to accompany the dog, take them to play outdoors, and transfer their attention.

3. After some dogs are sterilized, because the intention of the activity is reduced, the body needs less energy than before, but the owner still feed so much. After a period of time, the dog is fat.

If your dog already has a tendency to obese, you must control your diet.You can eat low -fat, crude fiber food, so that you can be full, and it will not make dogs grow too much.

Conclusion: Have you tried to disturb the dog mating halfway?

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