Why are pregnant women prone to eczema during pregnancy?What should I do if pregnant women have eczema?

Xia Dong’s seasons are the high incidence of eczema. If pregnant women do not pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, it is easy to infect eczema. So what to do if pregnant women have eczema?Let ’s take a look with Mu Mujun.

Why do pregnant women have eczema?

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, pregnant women are prone to eczema and rash.Eczema is one of the common diseases of expectant mothers during pregnancy, mostly after 6 months of pregnancy.There is generally no impact on the fetus.

1. Allergic constitution: This kind of pregnant women can easily occur in skin diseases such as eczema during pregnancy.And babies often inherit this constitution, and allergic diseases such as infant eczema and asthma occur.

2. Chronic infection: such as chronic cholecystitis, tonsillitis, intestinal parasites, etc.

3. Varic veins: Due to uterine compression during pregnancy, some pregnant women have shallow veins in vulva, vaginal mucosa, anus, rectum, and lower limbs, and blood stasis, forming varicose veins, which is closely related to the occurrence of eczema in the vulva.

4. Too tight spirit: The impact of nerve mental factors during pregnancy, such as excessive anxiety and worry, can also become the fuse of eczema.

What should I do if pregnant women have eczema?

1. Do not grasp it as much as possible, do not need to friction, and do not use hot water soap to wash to avoid hotness due to friction and external stimulation, which is even more itchy and unbearable.

2. During the occurrence of eczema, avoid foods such as yellow croaker, sea shrimp, seafood, etc. that are easy to cause allergies.So pay attention not to drink alcohol, do not drink strong tea and coffee.Do not eat sour, spicy dishes or other irritating foods.

3. Keep the indoor temperature and the appropriate humidity. The sheets, quilts, and pillow towels should be changed frequently to keep them clean, so as to avoid the breeding of bacterial viruses in the home environment, and the worsening of eczema in pregnant women.To change clothes, keep the body clean and refreshing, so as to avoid the wetness of the clothes and the breeding of bacteria and cause eczema.

4. Remember not to use hormone drugs, hormone drugs are harmful to human health, and even harm the healthy development of the fetus. Eczema during pregnancy can be used for antibacterial fluids of fenia skin, no hormone, no antibiotics, and promoting healing.

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