Why are pregnant women afraid of sweating frequently?

Women are always afraid of heat after pregnancy. Why are they particularly afraid of heat after pregnancy?Is there a problem with the body?Seeing that the summer is coming after spring, what’s the way to help pregnant mummy heat dissipation?How to start from diet, wearing, and environment to let yourself spend your comfort?

Why is it particularly easy to sweat, fear of heat, and thirst after pregnancy?

The physician said that Mommy was affected by hormon after pregnancy. The basic metabolic rate was relatively high. In addition, the blood flow increased, and the heartbeat would become faster.The cold physique of cold hands and feet, fear of cold, will also be affected by hormone changes after pregnancy and become dry.

The hot constitution is because the yin and blood should be used for tires after pregnancy. Yin deficiency will have internal heat, which will cause high body temperature, fearing heat, and thirst.There may also be a condition, such as some pregnant mummy is prone to urticaria during pregnancy.

The increase in blood pressure after pregnancy is caused by the increased basal metabolic rate and increased blood flow. If the original systolic blood pressure is 120 mmHg, it will rise to 130 mmHg after pregnancy. It is still within normal values and does not need to be treated. It is recommendedHelp improve, if more than 140 mmHg, or even 180 and 190 mmHg, this pathological hypertension needs to be treated.

Pre -pregnancy is hot and hot, and more serious during pregnancy

Before pregnancy, it is already hot and hot, and it will be more likely to be hot after pregnancy, so some women are particularly prone to acne or urticaria after pregnancy, and the skin condition is worse than before pregnancy.Pregnant moms feel that they are hot constitutions. They can help with diet or tea that are more nourishing, reducing fire, and clearing heat. If it cannot be improved, the Chinese medicine practitioner should be diagnosed with real heat or virtual heat constitution, and further treatment is given.The effect is faster than diet and tea.

Don’t worry about taking Chinese medicine after pregnancy will have an impact on the fetus. Which components in Chinese medicine can be used by pregnant women and which are prohibited, there are clear distinctions. Please consult a Chinese medicine doctor.Some pregnant women have appeared urticaria, and they have tolerated because they are afraid of taking medicine. As a result, they are becoming more and more uncomfortable, and they also affect sleep and mood.

Make good use of diet therapy and tea, pregnant moms are no longer afraid of heat!

Doctors specially provide the following food therapy and tea drinks, which are suitable for pregnant mummy that belongs to hot constitutions to drink in spring to drink in spring, which can achieve the effects of cooling heat, fevering, and improving hot constitution.

1. Lotus seed ruffled porridge

Ingredients: Lotus seeds 3 money, lotus leaf 3 money, white rice half a cup.

Method: Soak the lotus seeds for 2 hours, cook the water first, and cook the lotus seeds, lotus leaf water and white rice together into porridge.

Efficacy: Lotus seeds can replenish the spleen, dispersal fire, lotus leaves can clear heat, and porridge can eat the effect of cooling heat.

2. Perisia fragrant drink

Ingredients: 3 money of purple leaves, 3 money incense.

Method: Wash the perilla leaves and fragrant 薷, add 500 ~ 700c.c. water to boil for 20 minutes and turn off the flames to remove the residue.

Efficacy: It has the effect of eliminating heat and appetizing.Purple Susi can sweat and solve the table, strengthen the stomach to the summer, and have a fragrance and refreshing taste, which can boost the appetite of pregnant mothers; incense, the effect of sweating and solving the heat and dampness.

3. White fungus lotus soup

Ingredients: White fungus 3 money, lotus seeds and red dates.

Method: Wash and soak in the white fungus and soak them. Put them into the pot and cook them. Add lotus seeds, red dates, and water (the amount can be increased or decreased according to your own needs) for another 10 minutes. Add rock sugar and stir.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing yin and heating heat.White wood fungus is rich in glue and has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing. Lotus seeds can reduce virtual fire.

4. Five juice drinks

Ingredients: pear juice, ravioli juice, Ophiopogon juice, fresh reed juice, ravioli juice or sugar cane juice.

Method: Put the pears, coriander, oatsal, and fresh reeds into juice with fruit juice machine, add sugarcane juice and mix well.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing yin and retreating.Pears can be reduced to reduce fire and reduce phlegm.


The nature of this tea is cold, and it can quickly relieve heat and annealing gas, but the gastrointestinal weak mummy should be consumed in a small amount.

5. Natural

Ingredients: watermelon

Efficacy: Watermelon has the effect of clearing heat, relieving heat, quenching thirst, and diuretic.


Those with cold spleen and stomach are used or rare.

6. Rock Sugar Bird Nest

Ingredients: rock sugar, bird’s nest, you can also add a small amount of red dates.

Method: Soak the bird’s nest until soft, cook in the electric cooker, take it out and add water, rock sugar, and red dates to cook together.

Efficacy: Bird’s nest has nourishing yin, nourishing, and moisturizing the lungs.


Remind pregnant moms that "lotus seed ruffle porridge", "perilla fragrant drink" and "white fungus lotus seed soup" are relatively peaceful. Pregnant women feel that it is relatively hot and can be cooked by themselves. If the heat is not improved, please help the Chinese doctor to assistEssence

The "five juice drinks" and "natural white tiger soup" are relatively cold and are suitable for pregnant mumans with very hot constitutions. Some mummy has weak stomach and stomach. Drinking such cold tea may have diarrhea and uncomfortable stomach. ThisIt should be suspended at time, and it is best to ask the Chinese medicine practitioner to give appropriate suggestions after diagnosis.

5 points!Afraid of hot pregnant moms, how to eat the most appropriate

As for the pregnant mommy who is afraid of heat, the usual diet should pay attention to the following things:

1. The diet is as light as possible

Pregnant moms with dry and hot constitutions should choose light and refreshing foods as much as possible, such as: sushi, sandwiches, noodles, preserved egg tofu, cold yam, kelp, etc., which can improve the appetite during pregnancy.

2. Eat some annealing food in an appropriate amount

Pregnant moms with good stomach and stomach, but hot constitution, can choose foods that can help hersol, such as: pear, watermelon, asparagus, small cucumber, tomato, bitter gourd, mung bean, winter melon, radish, etc.So as not to cause damage to the spleen and stomach.

3. Avoid fried barbecue foods

Too greasy diet, fried, spicy, barbecue and other foods are particularly easy to get angry. You should eat as little as possible.

4. Eat hot food

For example: litchi, durian, sesame oil chicken, lamb stove, ginger duck, spicy pot, etc.

5. Too hot, too hot food, eat less

Many people choose to eat ice to help relieve heat. The doctor said that the pregnant mother who is afraid of heat can easily make the gastrointestinal function worse. If the constitution is hot, but the virtual fire is very strong, eating ice will make the circulation worse, the body in the body will become worse, the fire in the body will be in the body.When it is included, the virtual fire rises even more. It is recommended that when the summer heat is very heavy, you can eat a small amount, but you can’t eat too much.

Pregnant women with strong virtual fire are prone to symptoms such as sores, itchy skin, or the warmth of the palms and feet often, and the sleep quality is also relatively poor. People who often stay up late will have the problem of rising virtual fire. It is recommended to fall asleep before 11 o’clock in the evening.Be adequate.

6. Key!Wearing this refreshing and solving heat, no longer sweaty back

It is recommended to master several principles:

1. It is easy to sweat and fear heat. It is best to choose loose, breathable, and sweat absorption.

2. Choose cotton, hemp, or gauze material, which is relatively cool and cool, and it can be dissipated and ventilated. There will be no sticky discomfort after sweating.

3. Multi -level wear method to respond to the environment of different temperatures, the inner layer can wear thin and cool clothes; the outer layer adds a small jacket or vest that can keep warm, which is convenient for the temperature changes.

4. Because the pregnant mothers are prone to sweating under the armpit and the crotch, it is recommended that when choosing clothing, the tailoring of the underarms and under the crotch should be loose and it is easier to sweat.

5. One -piece dress replaces two -piece pants. The dress is relatively comfortable. If you wear two pieces of pants, the head of the trousers is prone to cause skin eczema or allergies because of tight bouquets.

6. Light -colored clothing is sultry and hot. It is recommended to choose light -colored clothing to wear, such as: pink, light blue, beige, etc., visually refreshing and cool.

How to do it, let pregnant mothers cool and not hot?

Follow the following techniques to create a cool and comfortable home environment:

1. Avoid halogen or tungsten light bulbs to avoid increasing indoor temperatures. It is recommended to use LED lights or saving light bulbs.

2. Use bamboo chairs or vine chairs to replace the fabric sofa, or spread on the sofa with a seat and a cold pad to increase the comfort.

3. The bed can be placed in a seat, and the bedding can be selected from the cooling material such as silk or cotton to increase comfort and improve sleep quality.

4. The color of the sheets can be selected to be light -colored, and it is relatively cool.

5. East -west houses are recommended to device light to reduce the indoor temperature and increase the effectiveness of air conditioning.

6. Some green plants can be placed in the room to increase the humidity of the room and reduce the temperature.

7. The air conditioner is matched with a electric fan to increase the circulation of indoor air with a circular blowing method, but remember not to blow directly to the wind.

Pregnant mommy’s heat dissipation

1. Add more water and urinate.

2. There is sufficient sleep, and you should have 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day; avoid staying up late; it is best to fall asleep before 11pm; you can take a little sleep at noon to avoid rising virtual fire.

3. After pregnancy, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands are more developed. When the weather is hot, you can take a bath 2 to 3 times a day, and the water temperature is controlled at 35 to 37 degrees Celsius.

4. Pregnant women’s perineal glandular secretions will increase, often rinse and replacement of underwear to help improve discomfort.

5. Delivery, because it is easy to sweat and oil during pregnancy. When it is not convenient to take a bath, you can replace the clothes to reduce discomfort.

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